Am I a Good Boyfriend? Quiz

You like to think you would take good care of your girl emotionally, physically and mentally - but would you really? Take this to see if you would be a good boyfriend (in this girl's opinion). Don't be offended if you don't get the best answer, OK? If your girlfriend is happy with you and you're not an abusive guy, then you're a good boyfriend. Everyone is different.

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    In your opinion, what is a girlfriend?

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34 days ago
Are ok bro? I'm here if you need to talk:)
82 days ago
Aparentely I'm the perfect bf and am lucky to be me. Yay. I don't want to sound cocky at all but I guess I can see that.
132 days ago
wait what if she wants to have🦄almost everyday then what?
134 days ago
I paid for this?? this is garbage
161 days ago
The only reason my test results are perfect is the fact that im a gay man so bc im so very funny i clicked the "i dont like girls" option lmfao
178 days ago
i will always be loner i have got used to it i will never get girlfriend
201 days ago
I am sooooooo glad I got a good score!!!!!! I'm also male so this is perfect! I hope I find the right g for me! Will i???? Who knows? But here's to hoping I do!!!!!!
206 days ago
its good to hear good comments about ownself... its feels nice n sometimes it gives pleasure
217 days ago
Wow I'm lucky to be the way I am that seems nice but I owe it all to good perenting and my self
Just joking that was like a sick turn right any way see ya
269 days ago
I don't have girlfriend. But I have a boyfriend, I just take this test for fun
270 days ago
You're almost there! You'd be a GOOD boyfriend, but not a GREAT one. Don't be so generous with your emotions, though - your love is not for everyone you meet. Take a step back before you offer yourself and ask, "Does she deserve this? Do I trust her?" Be sure to get to know a girl before you go all out. Some girls can seem to be what you want because they know how to manipulate. You don't need that. Give it time before you give it away. Good luck!
330 days ago
whenever she feels that our relationship is back on track
482 days ago
Im surprised i actually got a really good score..
535 days ago
well this test really tested my bf he passed i'm kinda shocked like umm 🦄 just happend
554 days ago
Ok I give up. Im ugly and it's not worth it. Peace out guys cause I'm done waiting. 😞
559 days ago
559 days ago
What is your natural haircolour though??
560 days ago
I'm a girl and I want someone to love me 😞. I've never had a boyfriend and I want to know what it's like to be with someone. Someone pls love me…😍
563 days ago
This test shall prepare me for my Anime Waifu. Cant wait!!
571 days ago
also them;oh your short oh thats good but not great