Am I a Good Boyfriend? Quiz

You like to think you would take good care of your girl emotionally, physically and mentally - but would you really? Take this to see if you would be a good boyfriend (in this girl's opinion). Don't be offended if you don't get the best answer, OK? If your girlfriend is happy with you and you're not an abusive guy, then you're a good boyfriend. Everyone is different.

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    In your opinion, what is a girlfriend?

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197 days ago
I'm a girl, but I need advice. I'm good friends with a guy, and he likes me and I like him back, but I'm not allowed to date (I'm 12, is it too young???).
Today he asked me out, and I leave class early so I asked one of my classmates to respond to him with "I really, really like you too, but can you wait for me?" and I have no idea what happened.
Would you wait for a girl? Would you get into a (sort of) relationship but not label yourself as boyfriend and girlfriend and not tell anyone?
256 days ago
I also have my eyes on a girl at the moment.
256 days ago
I did get a good score tho.....:)
256 days ago
Sorry about the bad language they muted.
256 days ago
Alright,let's get something straight: I live in the UK,and currently have no girlfriend. But the fact th at three people give a 😘 about my 😘'😘life is crazy. So 😘 them. Btw, I'm friends with tommyinnit.
262 days ago
I love my boyfriend he passed the test I love him so much love him such a queen time to give him something later on tonight ( wink wink ) honestly this quiz really got rid of my paranoia
268 days ago
Hair colour and height should not matter.
275 days ago
I have a girlfriend and love her very much💜
281 days ago
I owe the good personality thing to my parents. They've taught me a lot.
281 days ago
About a year ago I took this test,and at the time I wasn't really interested in getting a gf yet so I didn't thunk much of it. Now I realize this test helped me to figure out what its hot impossible for me to get a gf. I've been with a girls for about three months and I thunk we're 2gether 4ever:)
381 days ago
whoever made this quiz can't spell blonde. and hair color shouldn't have to do with how good of a boyfriend you are.
388 days ago
A girl would die to have a boyfriend like me. I should want a girl to die for my sake. I would sacrifice myself if it would save her.
449 days ago
Are ok bro? I'm here if you need to talk:)
496 days ago
Aparentely I'm the perfect bf and am lucky to be me. Yay. I don't want to sound cocky at all but I guess I can see that.
546 days ago
wait what if she wants to have🚔almost everyday then what?
548 days ago
I paid for this?? this is garbage
576 days ago
The only reason my test results are perfect is the fact that im a gay man so bc im so very funny i clicked the "i dont like girls" option lmfao
592 days ago
i will always be loner i have got used to it i will never get girlfriend
615 days ago
I am sooooooo glad I got a good score!!!!!! I'm also male so this is perfect! I hope I find the right g for me! Will i???? Who knows? But here's to hoping I do!!!!!!
621 days ago
its good to hear good comments about ownself... its feels nice n sometimes it gives pleasure