Am I a Good Boyfriend? Quiz

You like to think you would take good care of your girl emotionally, physically and mentally - but would you really? Take this to see if you would be a good boyfriend (in this girl's opinion). Don't be offended if you don't get the best answer, OK? If your girlfriend is happy with you and you're not an abusive guy, then you're a good boyfriend. Everyone is different.

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    In your opinion, what is a girlfriend?

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1655 days ago
IDK, you don't know how fat I'am. You don't know what kind of music I listen, you don't want boyfriend who is like a pig sitting in front of computer, but truth is: I'm a nerd. No girls wants nerd boyfriend.
1656 days ago
I took the test twice once the real way which told me i was a amazing boyfriend and second just to see what the bad answer is so i hated answering all the bad ones im sorry for answering bad to see what you said at the end but when i actually took it and did my real opinion i was good so ye
1659 days ago
I took this test beacuse I wanted to know if I’m gonna be single forever, and I think i’m gonna be.

I keep reassuring myself that “I’m gonna find someone”, but I don’t know if that’s true. I got that I’m gonna be a wonderful boyfriend, but I don’t know if anyone really wants me.
1667 days ago
Hi i love a girl okay so i can meet her
1671 days ago
How to become a "GREAT" boyfriend according to the quiz

1687 days ago
I got the answer I wanted, it was too easy because the answers are very clear for you to get the perfect boyfriend result
1692 days ago
What does hair color have to do with being a bad/good boyfriend?
1708 days ago
Hi! I am one of a kind! My girlfriend has my Same presonalities. I have a super power! It's superspeed. It's not like the flash. I need enough oxegen to recharge my speed to full power or low power! My real name is Brendan.I am awesomeness
1708 days ago
It says I am a person to die for
1719 days ago
I'm single but I got the highest ranking
1719 days ago
You're wonderful! I'm so glad guys like you exist out there. A girl like me would die to have a boyfriend like you. You're so lucky to be the way you are.:)
1727 days ago
You’re a whore and you need to learn how to not be such a slut
1743 days ago
Miss potatoe disagrees with this😝😉😉
1745 days ago
1768 days ago
You're wonderful! I'm so glad guys like you exist out there. A girl like me would die to have a boyfriend like you. You're so lucky to be the way you are.

1772 days ago
im a girl trying to see how well I'll do 😂 Well I mean I got your a wonderful bot freaind soooooo I think I did ok
1792 days ago
Mere moments after taking this test my love of my life left me. Tell me why would they leave me if i am so good? this test is garbage LIES this quiz my life holds NO MEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
1850 days ago
Why is there no option for a normal present like a dvd or a plushie or something people would really want???
1947 days ago
worst quiz possible. theres the clear right answer, the edelord answer of "I don't care about anyone" brood brood brood, the dude bro who just wants some and the disinterested guy.
1948 days ago
Stop hitting on my boyfriend you hoe