Am I A Good Girlfriend?

I developed this quiz to help you find out whether you are a good - or a bad! - girlfriend. Please answer the questions honestly, or you probably won't get an accurate answer! And that won't help you or your significant other. Please share this quiz with your friends who might like (or NEED!) it.

  • 1
    How often do you tell your boyfriend you love him when wrapping up your phone conversations?
    How often do you tell your boyfriend you love him when wrapping up your phone conversations?
  • 2
    Your boyfriend asks if you would mind if he hangs out with his boys on Friday night, if he promises he will be all yours on Saturday night. You:
  • 3
    You and your boyfriend are going to the movies. He has been dying to see this Napoleon Dynamite movie that looks super-dumb. You:

  • 4
    You and your boyfriend go to this hot party being held by a popular guy at school. When you get there, you:
  • 5
    Your boyfriend has been distant lately, and you suspect he is having doubts about your relationship. You:
  • 6
    Your boyfriend's friends are so obnoxious sometimes, and they intentionally try to piss you off. You:

  • 7
    Your best friend is throwing the hottest party of the year! You:
  • 8
    Your boyfriend's parents are going through a rough divorce. He comes to your house in tears almost every other night. You:
  • 9
    This hardcore badass has moved to town, and your boyfriend is hanging out with him regularly. You know for a fact this guy is into coke and ecstasy. You:
  • 10
    Your boyfriend asks you what you like about him. You:

Comments (59)


559 days ago
im a amazing girlfriend hes so nice to me only it wired hes a bully when hes not around me
621 days ago
I know I’m there for him when he needs me! We stayed up texting each other till 12:30 am in the night one day bc we had two big fat crushes on each other
726 days ago
I know I'm a good girlfriend (I've been told that a lot) but I don't understand why cant go to a party to have a little fun on my own for once. and I definitely do NOT wanna follow him around!
738 days ago
i wanna know if i am good gf matirial clearly not
751 days ago
#2 Bold of you to assume it's not a bromance
805 days ago
FYI, for the people complaining about the f-slur in #6, y’all know this was originally made in 2006? People threw around that word and all sorts of other insults around like dodgeballs at that time. Not saying it was better then (it wasn’t, especially if you’re LGBT), but historical context is necessary before filing a complaint. There’s quite a few LGBT folks out here taking this test, and it obviously doesn’t reflect their experiences, and whoever wrote it doesn’t care, either. Why not write your own?
806 days ago
Can you make a gay/lesbian ver.😅
823 days ago
This is awful I didn’t know this would be so stereotypical and homophobic and I’m never using one of there sites again and I strongly suggest to never use this again to everyone else.
840 days ago
what the hell is up with the 6th question?? dont use the f slur!!!
857 days ago
Yay I'm a great gf. That's amazing to hear
870 days ago
OMG!!!!!! im a nice gf and sensie this CV is out now i. i........... we wer in love an.......d..... i can't stop thinking about him and we wer texting saying that we love us and he said he wants to have kids with me and i just blused casue i love him and yah and we had😍2 secineds ago he's still here ohhhhhh i love him mm!!!!!!!!! 😘😳😘😍😚😉☺😇😊☺😊😆😇😉😄😅
1000 days ago
My boyfriend is the best
1119 days ago
Uhh I’m a good girlfriend x 😩❤️
1167 days ago
This is clearly for kids. The answers are 100% for minors. I’m out of school, just wanted to take a quiz to see what answer I’d get. But considering I don’t go to “ hot parties “ and we have a kid together..... this is irrelevant 😂
1180 days ago
OMG like I'm totally a great girlfriend, my boyfriend will be so happy to hear this. god hes so good in bed, just like Lisa Monnis said, he makes me 😻 so hard just thinking about him so wet in my bedroom lol haha XD
1181 days ago
Well I am a lesbian, so I guess that explains my low score.
1182 days ago
My girlfriend failed this test... and I’m starting to see things come up that she’s been hiding or keeping down
1197 days ago
How do you see what percentage you got
1203 days ago
YAY!!!! I’m an amazing girlfriend. I’m literally so lucky to have found my boyfriend and best friend ❤️💍
1227 days ago
I am a good girlfriend I will never break up with him