Are you boy crazy?

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Are you adored by guys or the weird girl that crushes on everyone? Are you way too flirty, or just right? Find out here!

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    Do you flirt with guys?

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849 days ago
oml all boys adore me and fight over me and i mostly obsess over guys i like. in fourth grade the guy held my hand. fifth grade he kissed me on the cheek. sixth grade he "accidentally" kissed me like on the... you know :/. seventh he admitted he liked me. by eigth grade we started dating, like short kisses and all. By highschool.... we were making out and everything.

i hope this happens to you, because it is truly amazing to be in. :)
1247 days ago
Yeah, I’m kind of average. I mean, I do think boys are cute, but I don’t obsess over them. I mainly focus on personality :)
1341 days ago
Hi Luna Moon! For a relationship to work out, he needs to see the real you so don't change yourself
1351 days ago
POSSIBLE LOVER!!* squeals* Yay! OMG I am so excited about that. Still looking for the right one. But I do think I found him. Not completely sure,but pretty sure like 80%sure anyone have advice I act like a fool around him but could he still like me for me. Or do I just move on if he doesn't like me for me?
1411 days ago
In fourth grade a guy offered me candy. In fifth grade he came up to me at lunch and kissed me on the cheek. What will he do this year? Also does he like me?💏
1885 days ago
I'm not boy crazy so yeah
1885 days ago
this is actually pretty good. I'm over him :)