Guys: are you hot or not?
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Guys: are you hot or not?

Hey guys, find out if you're a hunk, hottie, cutie or a slob

Question 1:How long does it take you to do your hair?
5 mins
15 mins or more
10 mins
Do my hair? I just leave it the way it is, wake up and look at that!

Question 2:Out of these places which would you rather shop for clothes at?
Old Navy
Abercrombie & Fitch
Dad's closet (they've got *GREAT* prices!!)

Question 3:How often do you shower?
More than twice a day
Twice a day
Once a day
Once every couple weeks

Question 4:What color do you like best?

Question 5:How do you feel about your looks?
Well I don't know, do you think I am good looking?
I feel like a million bucks, look at that handsome guy in the mirror!
Well I think I am decent looking, well at least my girlfriend says I look good
My looks are ok, I guess.

Question 6:Hair color?
I think blond but right now it looks kinda dark brown but I am not sure.

Question 7:When you get your picture taken at school and you get the pictures back how many people do you give pictures to?
I give them to my mom
I give them to friends and family and anyone else who asks
I put them in my sock drawer and forget about them!
They are gone in less than a minute!

Question 8:Your hairstyle is most like;
Brad Pitt's hairstyle
Hayden Christensen's hairstyle
Tarzan's hairstyle
Josh Hartnett's hairstyle

Question 9:What kind of girl do you like?
The Girl Next Door type
The Kelly Osbourne type
The Britney Spears type
The Jennifer Aniston type

Question 10:Do you play any sports?
No, they will ruin my image!
Is being a couch potato a sport?

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