Are you sexy?
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Are you sexy?

Do you think all the girls are after you? Are you the most handsome/prettiest person in the school? Well, take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:Do you have glasses and/or braces?
Of course, I have both. I love them.
I used to have glasses, but I switched to contacts.
Only braces.
Only glasses.
I would never think of that!

Question 2:How much time each morning do you spend on your hair?
Half an hour.
Atleast an hour.
Less than 5 minutes. It's always messy.
Over 2 hours

Question 3:How many times have you kissed (a girl/boy not including your mom/dad)?
None, It's gross!
20 times, I love doing it.
Over 30

Question 4:Have you had any girlfriends/boyfriends or do you currently have any?
I have 2, they both love me.
I had 1, but she/he dumped me.
None. No one likes me.
1 sweet one.

Question 5:If you are a girl, is your butt squishy? If you are a boy, is your face handsome?
Of course.
Not the slightsest bit.
The best out there.
A little

Question 6:How many times per week do you flirt?
5 times a day!
Once a month.

Question 7:Do you wear sexy clothing to school?
Whenever I'm in the mood.
All the time!
Whenever I can sneek by my mom.
Once a week.

Question 8:Are you popular?
Everyone knows who I am.
With my nerdy friends, huh, huh!
With the right kind of people.
Everyone hates me.

Question 9:How often do you get a hair cut?
Once a week, at least.
Twice a month.
Once a year.
Once a month.

Question 10:Do you like yourself?
Of course.
No one's perfect.

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