How sexy are you?
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How sexy are you?

Rene Russo. Susan Sarandon. Gabrielle Reece. What do these women have in common? They've got sex appeal! They enter a room and heads turn -- not just because they're beautiful, but because they each possess a winning combination of charm, strength and confidence. What sex vibes do you radiate? Take this quiz and find out if your powers of seduction are over the top, too tame or just right

Question 1:   When you kiss or make love, your eyes are usually:
Closed -- you feel too exposed when you leave them open
Closed -- it's more intimate and cozy that way
Open -- you like to watch how he's reacting

Question 2:   You're out with a man for the first time. How do you typically judge that he's into you?
When the conversation seems to flow -- no awkward pauses
When he doesn't look at other women
When he can't keep his eyes off your body

Question 3:   If you were to liken yourself to a TV character, it would be:
Scully, the cool, confident, all-business working woman on the X-Files
Sydney, the casual and confident doctor on Providence
Elaine, the flirtatious receptionist on Ally McBeal

Question 4:   Your underwear drawer contains:
Cotton panties, basic bras (no padding, little lace) and maybe an old teddy you don't even know you have
Pretty panties, at least one Miracle-type bra and several lacy undergarments that are more about form than function
A considerable collection of Victoria's Secret's sexiest attire

Question 5:   To you, talking dirty in bed:
Isn't going to happen in your bedroom anytime soon
Is a must -- after all, men like it
Can be fun and stimulating if the mood and the man are right

Question 6:   When a man tells you you look great, what is your typical response?
"Ugh, no I don't, I look gross."
"Really? Do you think so?"
"Thank you."

Question 7:   You want a sexual partner to be:
Mysterious and a little dangerous
Smart and stable
Passionate and romantic

Question 8:   You like it when men think of you as:
Mysterious and a little dangerous
Smart and stable
Passionate and romantic

Question 9:   If a man were doing something in bed that wasn't producing the desired pleasurable effect, you would:
Grin and bear it
Tell him to do it right
Show him how to do it right

Question 10:   While dining with friends, you notice that a nice-looking guy at the next table keeps looking your way. What do you do?
Hope he comes over to speak to you
Return his look with a smile
Give him your best come-hither look

Question 11:   You're going to the office holiday party. What do you wear?
The same type of outfit you wear every day, plus a colorful scarf for a touch of festivity
A classic black dress and a pair of dressy pumps
Slim red dress, black hose, high heels -- it's party time!

Question 12:   Your fingernails can best be described as:
Bitten to the bone
Cat's claws
Neat 'n' nude

Question 13:   You and some girlfriends decide to go to a dance club. How long does it take to get you out on the dance floor?
Dance floor? Who said anything about dancing?
That depends on how long it takes you to drag a guy out there
About as long as it takes to walk from the door to the floor -- partner or not

Question 14:   You know your body and what pleases you sexually about as well as:
The back of your knee
The back of your hand
The inner workings of your VCR

Question 15:   Your idea of kinky sex is:
Doing it on a weeknight
Doing it with the lights on
Tying a guy to the bedpost

Question 16:   When undressing in front a man, your style most resembles:
A run for the covers
Your daily disrobing routine
A striptease act

Question 17:   Your date mentions that his neck is sore from lifting weights. Your response is:
"Oh, you lift weights? Me too."
"Guess you overdid it."
"Want me to rub it for you?"

Question 18:   When it comes to sex, you make the first move:
Most of the time -- you like to be the leader
Less than 25 percent of the time -- you don't want to scare him off
About 50 percent of the time -- you try to show men you're as interested as they are

Question 19:   How do you seduce your man?
Striptease act
Scented candles, soft pillows
Hand cuffs, erotica

Question 20:   And finally, rate yourself on the sex-o-meter between 1 to 10.
Between 1 and 4
Between 4 and 8
Between 8 and 10

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