How Hot Are You
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How Hot Are You

For Guys only! This test was made by a girl so it's highly likely to be true. Are you the Type of Guy who has the preps right where you want them? Or do you have a long way to go before you could ever get a girlfriend? Or are you some where in the middle.

Question 1:   What Color hair do you have?
Medium Brown or Red
Light Brown or Blonde
Dark Brown or Black

Question 2:   Do you wear glasses?

Question 3:   Describe your hair

Question 4:   How often do you get a new pair of shoes?
more than 4 times a year
2 or 3 times a year
1 time a year

Question 5:   What's your favorite store of these?
FYE or other music stores
Staples or other school supply stores
Abercrombie or Aeropostale

Question 6:   What color are your eyes?
Blue or light green
hazel, yellow, or other lighter colors
a dark color (brown/black)

Question 7:   What were your grades last Marking Period?
All A's
All A's except one or two B's
mostly C's, D's and F's

Question 8:   Does your best friend have a girl?
did, but she dumped him or vice versa

Question 9:   What's your humor like?
sick and twisted (Make jokes about girls or other guys and what they look like or other stuff I ain't gonna mention)
what humor? (never laugh, don't think blonde jokes are funny)
Class Clown (Goofy, silly, funny jokes)

Question 10:   What's your favorite TV station?
local station or Kids channel
MTV or VH1
Any Discovery or History channels

Question 11:   Which of these kinds of bands do you like best?
Marching Band or Concert Band (like high school or middle school)
Rock or Punk band
Anything that helps me concentrate

Question 12:   What kind on instrument do you play? *if none click the one you most want to play
Band (woodwind or brass)
percussion, piano, or guitar
orchestra (Strings)

Question 13:   How many girls do you like?
all of them

Question 14:   How tall are you?
5' 8" or taller
4' 11" or shorter
5'-5' 7"

Question 15:   How much do you weigh?
90 or less
90-120 or over 150

Question 16:   Ideal Date?
nice dinner
football game (to watch the game I swear)
arcade or mall

Question 17:   What sports do you play?
football or Basketball
soccer or track or wrestling

Question 18:   What time of day do you like best?
late at night

Question 19:   Describe the girl you like...
She's sensitive, funny, and a great personality
Which one?
hot, and cheerleader

Question 20:   Which name most appeals to you?
Cassie or Teresa
Briana or Kristen
Nicole or Jordan

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