How Hot Am I? (Guys Only)

Are you hot, or not? I'm a girl, so I should know what a hot guy looks and acts like. If you want a girl's opinion on your general hotness (which I think you might, since you're checking out this test), try my quiz right now and see how you do. Remember, your result is one person's opinion.

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    What color is your hair?
    What color is your hair?

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32 days ago
yall retards actin like youre hot over test results lmao

"how to be hot like me" man 💑 you skin beard XD
47 days ago
so it says im hot no wonder girls from other tables are always looking at me.
76 days ago
well thank you! im hot you say? guess you never looked in the mirror huh ;)

(pro tip: try and say that in a mockingly sarcastic voice so you dont sound like mister da loser with his horribly outdated pick up lines :] )
183 days ago
İ am only 10 years old and i was hotis that sexy enough for a 10 years old girl???
184 days ago
just act super hot
222 days ago
how do you attract hot babes every day?
225 days ago
i get girls constantly as soon as they see my name
241 days ago
i do not think i am hot whatsoever. But ehhhhhhhhhh
267 days ago
I have no idea whether I'm hot
278 days ago
how am i hot its hard to know in 4th grade
290 days ago
100% HOT🚔 im pretty good looking no wonder why girls are always around me
328 days ago
Calling underaged people hot is weeeiiird unless you too are underaged.
354 days ago
Sorry my mistake I repeated these.
354 days ago
Tips to be hot like me:
Respect women
Don’t show off
Keep yourself clean
Stay confident
don’t judge and stay polite
what y’all say and wear matters
and believe me don’t worry about virginity
cause I’m a virgin who got a 100 on a lotta tests.
365 days ago
I mean am i picking up the gun to go kill whoever said they abuse animals, or am i picking it up to kill an animal, this changes my answer drastically
455 days ago
I guess I'm hot. I never would've guessed, being about 5'5, 100 pounds, and too awkward for my own good.
460 days ago
I’m just “There”🤣🤣
472 days ago
So I took this test as a girl, because I have shorter hair and just wanted to see how people would view me if I was of the opposite sex, and it said I was hot!
500 days ago
I think l am handsome.
518 days ago
Me: you sure about that?