How Hot Am I? Quiz For Guys Only

Are you hot, or not? I'm a girl, so I should know what a hot guy looks and acts like. If you want a girl's opinion on your general hotness (which I think you might, since you're checking out this test), try my quiz right now and see how you do. Remember, your result is one person's opinion.

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    What color is your hair?
    What color is your hair?

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47 days ago
Hey hotties!
Wanna flirt? Oohhh. I like. Xander babe,
you are so hot and I want to feel your super soft hands all over my body. I wanna feel you too. 😘😘😘
50 days ago
im a pretty boy so my teachers tell me and i have a hot face and pretty eyes and girls tend to call my voice hot and my hands are really nice to lots
100 days ago
Dis site is lying. Bro even my teachers told me I am ugly
172 days ago
Hi boys! (insert wink)
I think ur all hot...

Here is a tip: don't act like you are amazingly cool all the time. I mean, of course u should have self esteem but us girls like u to actually show interest in us. (it doesn't hurt 2 flirt with us
either... )

183 days ago
it says I'm definitely hot, and although this might be influenced by my high self image i would agree that I am hot
314 days ago
im extremely hot and i kind of doubt that
371 days ago
it say ima no smokin hot bru
420 days ago
It says I'm smoking hot and I think I am, I mean a lotta girls wanna date with me
490 days ago
It's says I'm hot lmao
515 days ago
Bro this said I'm hot. Broken results. I'm like a 6-7/10
518 days ago
it says im hot I think it just says that to make u feel better or is that just me?
592 days ago
Meet the hottest virgin in town!
611 days ago
i am very hot aparantly brrrrrrruuuuuuhhhhhhh
685 days ago
yall retards actin like youre hot over test results lmao

"how to be hot like me" man 👮 you skin beard XD
700 days ago
so it says im hot no wonder girls from other tables are always looking at me.
730 days ago
well thank you! im hot you say? guess you never looked in the mirror huh ;)

(pro tip: try and say that in a mockingly sarcastic voice so you dont sound like mister da loser with his horribly outdated pick up lines :] )
837 days ago
İ am only 10 years old and i was hotis that sexy enough for a 10 years old girl???
837 days ago
just act super hot
875 days ago
how do you attract hot babes every day?
878 days ago
i get girls constantly as soon as they see my name