Am I HOT? Girls Only

Would I call you a total hottie? I am a hot guy, and I have the definitive opinion of who's hot and who's not among females. Curious? Take this test to find out more! P.S.: This is one guy's opinion, so if I said I think you're not hot, please remember that there are millions of other guys out there and many of them might think you're amazing. Please don't feel hurt.

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    What is your hair color?
    What is your hair color?

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5 days ago
i think im in love with russel
15 days ago
I hope super hot 🥵
30 days ago
I was a little offended but i realized the quiz maker didn't intend any harm or hate to the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community so i just went to a diff quiz
30 days ago
i wish there were more inclusive options for people in the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community (such as myself; I'm a biromantic gray asexual) but reading the description afterwards, I realize this was made by a heterosexual male, so i understand why he might assume the womyn taking this quiz would like men. I got "You are hot" by the way.
32 days ago
You are very hot! I would ask you out if you made a move on me. Maybe you would rather the guy make the first move, though. It's totally up to the girl as to what she wants. I hope you find the right guy. Good luck!
35 days ago
It says I'm smoking hot, not surprised, YESSS I'm actually stared at from across the hallway and boys always try and get that chance HAH! I am definitely to my friends say ti all the time and that I look good in everything, no shocker lmao XD
40 days ago
'' you are very hot'' Yessss!
44 days ago
"You are very hot" Yeah right!
69 days ago
not interested is guyssssssssssss
72 days ago
It says I’m hot. Check out my quiz
76 days ago
I mean poeple say im hot... but i mean i may be.. not to sure if im that hot tho
100 days ago
bruh- there's a thing like lgbtq
not every girl likes boystake that into consideration-
116 days ago
I said that you are hot i don't know that it is true or not but many boys say that i'm hot ...........
118 days ago
124 days ago
Also: These test always offend me (and many others) by immediatly thinking we LIKE guys. Why would ANYONE like guys?
124 days ago
OMG girls listen! This test is turning you into 😘! You don't deserve to live like that as you are smart & strong! No one can tell you that you are or aren't "hot"-and certainly not on a meaningless online quiz! Have an empowering day because you are BEAUTIFUL!
126 days ago
it said im very hot idk if thats true hope it is :)
127 days ago
Don’t need to do this test I now I’m popular
Too popular
Hard life!
150 days ago
Hey it says im hot maybe i am
but pls there should be lgbtq qns as well im bisexual
153 days ago
i have a bf hes mean so hes my ex now and he made this test trust me hes mean
now i have a pretty hot bf