Are you hot or not?

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This quiz will revel if your hot, in the middle, or not at all.

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    Do you think your hot?

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447 days ago
i got you should be a model
689 days ago
I am a kid in 4th and my friend in 4th is getting bullied by Juan Carlos Garcia and I dont like it we are just kids
697 days ago
Me= 👵🏾 Old grandma haha
697 days ago
I’m not hot. Idk y I did this. But seriously no. I’m average and idc what I wait as long as it’s warm or cool like the temp. But not hot
708 days ago
They said I’m hot and I get called this all the time and they said that if I have a oyfirend all the other boys are so upset I’m not theirs it I’m single and get asked out almost everyday so can someone help
713 days ago
Wow apparently I'm hot? I don't really think so, I guess I'm pretty in my own way but not hot
735 days ago
I got hot i really dont think its true im a brownie my hair is brown and so are my eyes and dress kinda tomboy true that i do get a lot the fboys asking me out... but i'm also bi so a lot of girls to ←_←
748 days ago
If you received the score of 100 this means that your drop dead smoking hot. Everyone is always talking about how beautiful you are. All the boys are always talking about how they want you so bad, sometimes they might just be too scared to approach you because their afraid of rejection. You just keep on being you!
771 days ago
Ok so I took the test and it said I am gorgeous and strange say I should be a model 🥴 :/ I’m mean Idk if I think I’m all that and said if I have a boyfriend all the other boys are jealous
782 days ago
omg NO, not even a little bit. because in my school nobody likes me, and i'm really ugly everybody tell me that. so why should i be hot.
784 days ago
omg No. I am not gorgeous. No one wants me to be a model unless they want their TV ago break when I come on a commercial because I’m THAT ugly. No boys want me. That’s why I’m single, like, duh. And I’m really basic
Brown hair
Blue eyes
TONS of freckles
Loves books
And I dress like I don’t even care anymore.
See? There is no gorgeous people in this room right now. Except you reading this!! 🤓
You’re all beautiful in every way!! Never let anyone tell you different!!! ❤️
800 days ago
it said im gorgeous. i have brown hair and brown eyes, tan skin, and im as skinny as the models, i don't really have a boyfriend but i catch a lot of boys staring at me. this score doesn't really matter to me anyways, love yourself for who you are and i did this test for fun anyways lol. :)
804 days ago
I am rlly just a rlly dark brown haired girl, orange and green eyes, no boy, olive skinned girl! NO MODEL IN MEH! Like man! Nobody ever tells me that! (tho boys do flirt with me quite a bit - not complaining!) I think it might be the how much u like the quiz bit... I put 100%.... hmmm
807 days ago
I am just a typical brown haired, green eyed, baby cheeked girl, not a model.
820 days ago
I am the most average looking person ever! I mean like brown hair, brown eyes, baby cheeks, short, and stumpy. But like pfffft whatever
826 days ago
Yknow, I wish this included like if you have a girlfriend, or something. I dont, nor do I have a boyfriend.
828 days ago
I'm sorry but that is not true! No one tells me I should be a model!😫
831 days ago
Wow i did not expect it to tell me that i am gorgeous and that of i have a boyfriend (witch i do) that all the boys are upset i am not thiers
844 days ago
im ugly and it said i was hot af no boys im not for sale (hehehe)
847 days ago
yo this seems fake i didnt get ugly as my answer