Is My Crush Hot? Quiz

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I am a girl who notices boys' looks. Yes, everyone has their own opinions on other people's looks, but I can assure you, I know my stuff. Go on, give it a try and see if your crush is hot! <3

  • 1
    His eyes are:
  • 2
    His lips are:
  • 3
    His teeth are:

  • 4
    His hair is:
  • 5
    His hair is:
  • 6

  • 7
  • 8
    The veins in his arms are:
  • 9
    Do you think he's hot?
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    No more questions....

Comments (18)


58 days ago
I love my crush so much but he never talks about whats going on with me and his relationship I swear if I stay single all of next year im gonna cry!
I need my crush :((((((((((((((((((
69 days ago
he IS a keeper...if i can ever get him. at keast he knew i like him and still decided to be friends with me. stupid summer break. i miss him. please dude...i need you. :(
300 days ago
I got the best score! he isn't just hot, he's HOT Shame, I am the shyest girl you could ever meet. But, lucky for me, I'm friends with his BFF! he also plays like a million sports!
326 days ago
My crush is so hot! I mean he is my bffs brother tho so idk bit I’m really hoping. I also play softball so it’s like “ok I need to have a good game because he’s going to be there and then I field like amazing but this my hitting literally sucks. Sometimes I do all good the day before to get me pumped for the next couple games the next day, but then sometimes he doesn’t come so I’m like, WHY?
He plays football tho so ya know
391 days ago
I mean...he stares at me in class but I've been rejected so many times that I don't honestly care anymore or dare get my hopes up. I'm doomed to be alone but I don't care because if I tried to care then I'd get rejected again so if he wants me then he better make a dang move cause this time I am not being "brave" don't confess because it ends in heartbreak.
456 days ago
My crush is freaking hot 🔥 and u can’t tell me otherwise. All the tests is wrong.
806 days ago
Is Your Crush Hot?
Okay, your boys hot! he is someone you would pass in the street, be like; 💗nnnn boi, you hawt! get that boy, because he's a keeper, enjoy!

Very true. My boyfriend/crush has 8 pack. He work outs every day, and flex on me. We both love each other. He proposed 4 weeks ago and i accepted. I was pregnant before he purposed and gave birth, he was my kid's dad and we decided to get together and get married anyways. And we got married. After marriage, i was pregnant with kids again! But this time we have Sextuplets. 6 kids 3 boys and 3 girls.(We love having kids ) :D
We plan on adopting more after giving birth so yeah!
1. Avery
2. Oscar (Coming soon)
3. Oliverr (Coming soon)
4. Ottor (Coming soon)
5. Katrinar (Coming soon)
6. Kacier (Coming soon)
7. Kaylar (Coming soon)
8. Joyce (Planning to adopt)

Oh and PS: Jacob is real strong, hot, handsome and also RICH. Therefore, my children ride SUV driven by my lovely husband to school. :D
Jacob is a very successful man cuz he's a businessman.
811 days ago
He's hot! I don't know if I'm happy or sad.
843 days ago
Looks don't matter! My friends and everyone else tells me my crush is ugly, but I like him because he is funny, smart and witty. It's what is inside that matters.
867 days ago
okay my crush is a literal dork...who is neither toned nor the biggest guy (dude those guys...that can be hot) he is about 6'2. YALL PEOPLE CALL HIM UGLY BUT YOU KNOW WHAT??? WE LIKE WHO WE LIKE BECAUSE OF THIER PERSONALITY AND LOOKS AND OVER JUST EXISTING. FORGET OTHERPEOPLE'S OPINIONS AND WHATEVER GUY YOU LIKE, YOU LIKE.
883 days ago
The random emojis is me cussing by the way and the last sentence is supposed to be idk what our relationship is now
883 days ago
My crush is really hot 🔥 sheesh that man is sooo hot. I told him that I like him and he was just like I know. And he 🕊 kissed me at deft (above all) that night and the guy that likes me that's not the guy I like tried to fight him. He lost of course tho. My guy beat his🕊lmaoooo. Islam what our relationship is now thoooo
936 days ago
hi i am in love
1001 days ago
Cheyenne, he is probably shy! Keep flirting with him so he gets the message that you like him, or confess that you like him and maybe he will too! Good luck, all of you!
1392 days ago
oh-- yes mother... I will go for it x'D (we already like each other so it's fine)
1492 days ago
that is soo offensive
Go for a pretty gut
1589 days ago
why did this offend me
1643 days ago
God, I know this boy likes me, 98% positive. But he WONT TELL ME. And I like him ALOT.