How hot are you? (Both genders)

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Ever wondered how hot you are? Let’s face it, if you’re taking this test your self-esteem is in the lows. Because of this, other tests will give you sugarcoated results to make you feel good instead of telling the truth. This test is different. DISCLAIMER: If you have severe self-esteem issues, do NOT take this test. This test may not be accurate as it is only a test. Choose honestly even if you do not like the answer.

  • 1
    To begin, how hot do you think you are?
  • 2
    What size are your eyes?
  • 3
    What length is your hair?

  • 4
    When you walk past someone on a street or at school/work, how do they react?
  • 5
    When at a store, restaurant, or other paid business, how often are you given a deal for no reason?
  • 6
    Since the relationships aren’t accurate, how many people have crushed on you (In real life or on an official dating website, nothing else) in the past year?

  • 7
    What is your sexuality? (This does matter, actually)
  • 8
    What is your gender affiliation?
  • 9
    Describe your build
  • 10
    Do you have freckles?

  • 11
    When you ask a person out, how likely are you to be accepted?
  • 12
    How old are you?
  • 13
    How often do you shower?
  • 14
    Do you wear makeup?
  • 15
    On a scale of your gender (1) to the opposite gender (10), how do you act?
  • 16
    Which of these best describe you?

  • 17
    Which of these do you participate in most?
  • 18
    Which of these best describe your grades when you were in school?
  • 19
    How affluent are you?
  • 20
    Which Myers-Briggs Personality sequence do you identify with? (E.g. xxFJ)

  • 21
    Lastly, did you enjoy this quiz? (Does not affect score)

Comments (11)


27 days ago
For up to 155 Points out of 181, you are: Attractive! Not Bad! You could be better, but you do stand out as attractive and may be sought out compared to other individuals. Remember this test may be inaccurate and no beautiful face can make up for an ugly personality!

uhm....ok ill let you believe that lol
121 days ago
i am a girl who is straight and cute (probably single)
121 days ago
@33 Ur so hot I wanna go out with you
451 days ago
155 baby. but im still single and never had agirl
578 days ago
ugh 💝. I should have got less than 130 points, but oH WELL.
673 days ago
Lol, I'm normal.
I liked the twelfth question "50+ Why are you taking this quiz, lol". Lol.
676 days ago
155 out of 180! Lets GO
772 days ago
For Up to 120 Points out of 181 :/
910 days ago
same i think we are more than that i had 4 people like me and iḿ going into middle so....
928 days ago
same!!!!!! I think it fit me pretty well!
985 days ago
i got 155/181