How Dirty Is My Mind? (Quiz Meant For Males)

Has anyone ever accused you of having a dirty mind? Do YOU think you have a dirty mind? Or, have you never even wondered about this before you saw this test headline? ;-)

Well, whichever the case is, wonder no more how far down in the gutter your mind is - just take my quiz!

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    You're hanging out with some friends. You have two oranges and a banana. Which of these would you most likely do?
    You're hanging out with some friends. You have two oranges and a banana. Which of these would you most likely do?

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80 days ago
also I'm bisexual but I'm very shy not as naughty or confident aa my male oc or his wife. But they're relationship goals. They're loyal to eachother they're just naughty lol
80 days ago
I'm a girl but I pretended I'm my one male oc who was a sexhound like Quagmire (till he gets married anyway he loves his wife is loyal to her but he used to be a hound) to see if he has dirty
mind 😂 hilarious quiz btw
210 days ago
242 days ago
No this is not ok, you need to be respectful and respect people's privacy. Walk in on a girl with her pants down? Leave like a decent person! Like- not ok.
323 days ago
kinda dirty aight silence..
357 days ago
👮 bro, if you take advantage of some drunk girl on the verge of blacking out, you’re not dirty minded, you’re just messed up
368 days ago
I'm a girl and gay l used to be bisexual but a guy broke my heart really badly so ye and l have a very dirty mind sooooo 😳
691 days ago
You see, I’m bi, but I prefer girls(I like all genders, not just two I would hate how limited that would be).

How would YOU feel if you woke up to someone taking advantage of your drunken state?
(No offense to the creator of this quiz or anyone who... enjoyed it)
709 days ago
im VERRY dirty minded
723 days ago
why am i here im lesbian oop....someone could have told me it was for males lol
727 days ago
im a gay male i got so confused when it said her lol
738 days ago
I am gay dirty minded
760 days ago
jeez was this a male test?
i just realized it said that!!
i am lesbian tho
779 days ago
Hehe I'm a girl but I still took this. Mind you, I'm hetero but asexual. 6th grade happened...
813 days ago
im gay why am i doing this lol
845 days ago
Now I guarantee 90+% of my age group know about you know what
845 days ago
I used to be an innocent then 4-6 grade happened
871 days ago
When a ten year old girl thinks that having a dirty mind means sexual assault and being a misogynist
898 days ago
i just wantedjejsk too see the optiontshjru lolllll xDd
905 days ago
I took the quiz don’t come for me I’m just nosy ok geesh