How Dirty Is My Mind? (Quiz Meant For Males)

Has anyone ever accused you of having a dirty mind? Do YOU think you have a dirty mind? Or, have you never even wondered about this before you saw this test headline? ;-)

Well, whichever the case is, wonder no more how far down in the gutter your mind is - just take my quiz!

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    You're hanging out with some friends. You have two oranges and a banana. Which of these would you most likely do?
    You're hanging out with some friends. You have two oranges and a banana. Which of these would you most likely do?

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957 days ago
lol reading the comments and so many gay girls, like me, took this quiz XD
968 days ago
🍦?? Most of the answers are soo 🍦 up. Have fun with her when she's drunk?? What would you do if you wake up to someone 🍦 you??
988 days ago
I'm a girl and I took this quiz. And I'm straight and I was so surprised that those were the options, I couldn't believe it. Litterally, squeeze her butt? IT IS DIS-GUS-TANG!! But, I have a crush and i just want to be happy with him, I don't want some dirty interactions just walks on the beach or go to resturants and watch a movie. That's all.
996 days ago
I took this quiz and I’m a girl (im bisexual) and i was still able to take the quiz even though it’s “for males”. Also, DOES THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS TEST UNDERSTAND SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY!? I guess not…
998 days ago
I’m gggaaaaaayyyyy~
1016 days ago
lol im very dirty minded lol
1023 days ago
bro im .gay
1026 days ago
it say i am innocent but very very dirty minded but half the time im an innocent
1027 days ago
Have some fun with her body when she’s drunk?? That’s literally sexual harassment...
1053 days ago
it said i think of girls 24/7 and had already been laid it also said i’m very dirty minded
1054 days ago
Im clean im not ditry
1067 days ago
1069 days ago
I got dirty minded... maybe true
1112 days ago
this is what I got: you're not dirty-minded. You have a sexy imagination! You think about dirty things, and always have a way to make something so innocent dirty. Im 12 LOL this is SO true
1175 days ago
I am 11 I did not have a dirty mind but a sexy imagination it says.
1204 days ago
very good quiz but a bigger range of answers please> all in all good test, thanks
1205 days ago
Hey, so your friends could be LGBT+. They may want to kiss you back which is great! However, they might not but just be good friends. The easiest way is to ask them. Just casually say something like “Hey John, have you ever liked a guy before?” If they reply with “yes” say “Cool.. do you think you might be LGBT+”
1215 days ago
Im a girlbut a lesbian so i just answered these questions normally...
1219 days ago
I am only 13. I am male and have thoughts about other guys, Older people of this sight, Please explain why they still hang out with me. I literally told them I have thought about kissing them. Does this make them gay or a good friend. So many un-answered questions.Anyone with the same problem lol
1245 days ago
I'm a girl and I chose the answers I want every guy to choose. Obv nobody is like that in this world ;-; meanwhile I'm the "perfect boyfriend"