Am I Attractive To Girls?

Take my quiz and test your attractiveness to girls - and get advice about girls from an actual girl - that's ME! Hey, if you're attractive, I might like you and we can go out, lol. ;) But seriously, I hope this quiz works for you and that your relationship works out. One little hint: Attitude is everything.

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    What kind of pants do you wear most?

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224 days ago
Given the criteria that were considered to produce a result, this quiz only serves as a reflection of the creator of the quiz.
273 days ago
My results
Some girls like your type, so there's hope! Don't give up. Make some positive changes in yourself and keep trying. If you are not sure what to change, watch the guys who do well with girls and pick up some pointers. Very few guys are born instinctively knowing all the right things to do. You should always be considerate of her. If that fails, YOU haven't failed - the problem is probably her. And if she mistreats you, get out of there.

Anyone available? I know I am
273 days ago
What? For number 8. Try to sleep with her? Is that what you think of guys? Not every guy does that. It was just the first date.
314 days ago
Bruh, see meh username? I ain’t sexual. It’s a weird quiz anyway.
314 days ago
Check out my quiz! PS: I’m almost there.
318 days ago
Hello, don't mind me. just a bisexual girl trying to see if her crush likes her
335 days ago
I have a nice shirt :)
371 days ago
Took the quiz, HATED one of the answers to 9! Try and have sex? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo x♾!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
381 days ago
i am bi i did it and it says almost there. i think thats cos i said skinny jeans tho :)
386 days ago
yo i am a girl i think you are a poophead
425 days ago
im gaee xd 🐤 am i doing
470 days ago
ertificate: Test results
Am I Attractive To Girls?
Almost there! Some girls might like your type. So there's still hope! Don't give up yet. Make some positive changes in yourself and keep trying. If you aren't sure what to change, ask someone whose opinion you respect what they recommend. IMPORTANT: Do not ask "frenemies" to give you constructive criticism hoping they'll say something encouraging. Chances are they won't, and you could end up totally discouraged. Ask someone who thinks well of you and can be your advisor and cheerleader.

Take this quiz: Am I Attractive To
522 days ago
Hey here is my score

You're hot, and you know girls' minds! That is very attractive to us because it shows you care about girls as people and want to please as well as be pleased. So, do you want to go out with me? Ha ha! I am only half kidding. The girls you set your sights on are certainly lucky. Good luck in your love search!

Any girls on here ?

I am free !!!!
524 days ago
I'm offended there's no EDM cuz that's the only thing I listen to
528 days ago
Awww 😂she will like my brother
531 days ago
I normally wear camouflage but that wasn't on the list.....
564 days ago
Im a girl. I just came to see the questions lol.
575 days ago
am i the only girl here??? bisexuals, lesbians and polymouros peple exist
772 days ago
im realy confused, i did`nt get a profile.
828 days ago
Lol these comments are my life in reverse since Ima girl😂 but fr need help with my mannn❤️