How Do Guys See Me? Quiz

Are you one of the guys, the girl on the hunt, or just normal? Take this very accurate quiz to find out. Knowing how you're seen can only help you, because you'll find out at the end of the quiz if you might need to adjust your approach according to what you want to accomplish.

  • 1
    What kind of friendships do you have, mainly?
    What kind of friendships do you have, mainly?
  • 2
    How do you act around guys?
  • 3
    Have you had many boyfriends?

  • 4
    Has anyone ever asked you out?
  • 5
    Are you open and confident about having a boyfriend, or about the idea of a boyfriend?
  • 6
    What kind of clothes do you wear?

  • 7
    How do you wear your hair?
  • 8
    Which words would most make you want to join a conversation?
  • 9
    Do you have a sibling? How do you get along? (It doesn't matter if you don't have a brother- if letter A explains your sisterly relationship, choose it!)
  • 10
    Which parent do you hang out with more? (If you live with a guardian rather than a parent, choose C.)

Comments (29)


44 days ago
UM, I HAD NO IDEA I WAS 60%. i mean, it is right, I do love gaming and stuff, but really? I guess there is actually a guy who's interested thou...
66 days ago
50 percent??? wow. i thought they saw me about 20 percent. LOL...... ")
155 days ago
All my boy friends See me as a bro and my lesbian friends see me as a girlfriend all my straight friends see me as a friend and all Homophobic people see my as a enemy 😂
167 days ago
Boys see me 60% so that means I'm normal to be seen hanging with boys and girls
503 days ago
guys see me as normal...50% one of the guys......even tho I m not interested in any boyish stuff, not interested in girlish stuff either......
the quiz n me are confused together lmaoundefined
877 days ago
I got - they see me as one of the bros: i agree i'm into cars and play cricket in the boys team. I have more girl friends though
978 days ago
I got 'They see you as one of the guys'. I totally agree though. I only have one girl friend and i haven't seen her in ages. All my friends are boys, even my best friend is a boy.
Guys see you as one of the guys! You connect with boys easily because you all like boyish things. You might enjoy sports, being outside, talking about cars, or listening to rock bands, or whatever else guys tend to like. If you want, show your girly side to a guy that you like more than a friend, and maybe you can have a relationship! But right now, guys really see you as more of one of the bros.
997 days ago
Guys see you as normal. You've got both guy friends and girl friends - but that doesn't mean you don't stand out or just blend in. Btw, having guy friends could give you the inside scoop of how to get that special guy you've got your eye on - and, unlike the flirt or bro, it won't look awkward or suspicious when you start digging for info.
1033 days ago
I got the same as me
1139 days ago
true true For 50% you are: So how do guys see you? As just a girl looking for a guy! You like the idea of a boy calling you pretty, holding your hand, and being all YOURS.
1225 days ago
40%! It says i is a boy
I is i very tomboyish 11 yr old girl.
All right maybe I act like a boy
But I is a girl anyone can tell that
Just by looking at me
Actually to me it is both
A compliment and a insult
To be called a boy
No offense to either gender
1238 days ago
It said 70% it said boys think of me as one of the guys what do I do I mean I do have more guy friends then girl friends but what do I do
1304 days ago
Bruh it's kinda freaky how accurate this was. It said 100% one of the guys and that is how my boys view me and how I view myself
1587 days ago
I got 40%, not a bad answer
1659 days ago
I got a question Yes or no
1659 days ago
Hey . What you doing
1661 days ago
Aw that’s nice. So nice to hear.
1689 days ago
like i am 14 and woew
1783 days ago
It says my answer was not clear but it also said that I was one of the guys. HOLDUP. It lagit takes me 1 hour to pick out clothing every morning and I love hanging with my girls at the mall and getting our hair, nails and makeup done!!!!!!
1891 days ago
Same here Sonia. Isn't that funny.