What do Boys like about you best?

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This is for Girls who are curious about what their crush or just boys in general like about them.

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80 days ago
I think it always says shyness
85 days ago
I am not shy at all, and I got that guys like my shyness.
209 days ago
Mine said they like my shyness or I also got they love my confidence
218 days ago
I got my shyness and cuteness I mean I get called cute a few times and shy 24/7! I mean ig guys can like my shyness but cuteness Uhm I'm not cute in my opinion. I feel like that guy like me for my sense of humor, my style, and me being short lol.
237 days ago
my friends always ask me do you have a bf? i always say no but inside i am like yes yes yes o my gosh omg omg omg hes soo cute
246 days ago
For 50% you are: Boys like your confidence! They find a girl who is a good sportsman very attractive! So keep your eyes wide open!okay but what about the other 50
295 days ago
They think I'm adorable??? I am completely the same as shalyn all the boys won't leave me alone and constantly ask for my number and follow me around. Guys are the worst sometimes but not all guys so don't take that as a bad thing everyone
370 days ago
I don’t like that I’m getting all the attention from guys and I don’t even wear makeup on purpose so they don’t bother me, turns out not, those guys still bothered me, even guys from football are attracted to me. It gets VERY annoying. I just try to have a peaceful day getting all my work done at school. But those guys bother me every day. 😭
393 days ago
Wow, Apparently I'm the attractive bad😘but I'm not hot (ik I'm not) ;)) 😘nn
420 days ago
I got a 10!!! Wow!!! I though boys hated me (I still think they do🤪)
434 days ago
It said boys like my confidence and love how I am a attractive and good "sportsman" no cap that's true except I'm not attractive
474 days ago
They sad I was shy and that people like my cuteness I couldn’t agree more
476 days ago
They said I was confident! I most definitely AM
541 days ago
They said that I was Confident and that was attractive. I MOST DEFINITELY AM NOT!
563 days ago
563 days ago
yeah this test is totally wrong I'm not cute at all! although I do have my shy moments but I'm definitely NOT cute, literally Shriek would be scared of my face if he saw me ;-;
568 days ago
Why do boys like me and also like me
617 days ago
i Got shy and cute..... I am a little shy, and I have been called cute...... once...... but idk if I believe if I’m cute....
645 days ago
I'm shy and cute. They find me adorable.
718 days ago
OMG! Guy's think I'm cute and adorable, wich is good as I don't want to be to crowded by boy's because I would FAINT!😍😍