Do Guys Like You? Quiz

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This quiz is made for girls who aren’t certain whether they are the kind of girl that guys will date.

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    Do guys often come and talk to you, or are you the one who is always starting the conversation?

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2035 days ago
90% YASSS!!!
All the guys who like me:

Elisee: Class clown, funny, ugly
Harry: class clown, cute, cool, my crush, popular
Dorian: handsome, nerdy, funny
Joshua: funny, cute
2063 days ago
this quiz told me 25% of guys are into me. I think this test was rigged because it's actually 0% of guys that like me
2097 days ago
Aww all of these girls are so cute! At least another person got 100% I thought I was the only one lol, guys that like me

Jack- very sensitive and cute, nerdy but nice
Jacob- purple belt in karate, popular, kind
Samuel- nerdy and ugly... sorry to him, kind and sweet
Syian- 😍😍😍 my crush, cool funny popular handsome
And way more
2136 days ago
90% YESSS!! boys that like me
- Avery(Cohen) cute, funny, and ADORABLE
-Oliver smart, nerdy but cute, VERY SMART, funny, AMAZINGLY SMART
-Ian smart, not really cute, sweet, always flirting with me. Though I'm not interested
2235 days ago
Here are the dudes that like me:

He's cute, smart, funny and friendly! I only like him as a friend though. I flirted with him once but he didn't gat the message.

He's sweet and smart. I chat to him sometimes because well he's a friend. I know he likes me because he's always trying to touch me like bump knees beneath the desk. Also sometimes he stutters when he talks to me amnd has a slight blush.

He is so a show off! I HATE him! He called my friend an 😘! I found out that he likes me because his best friend that is a girl{they are not dating} told me that he might.

He is always trying to touch me. On the shoulders, back, neck and my you know whats. He is so annoying and nearly asked me out once.

P.S. I got 90%
2397 days ago
100/ WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!
2405 days ago
My crushes have all like me there's Angus my first ever crush max which is basically all my friends crushes and xavier who I like now he used to like me now here doesnt
2452 days ago
It say 70% for me. I hope my crush is among this 70%! I really like this guy, I'm not game enough to right his whole name, but his name starts with an 'H.'
2488 days ago
I happy I got 25% sure that guys like me that mean no one drools over me! ~TGOT~
2524 days ago
I can tell you about the 4 boys who like/love me!!!!!

He is my best friend, practically he is part of our friend group. But when I was 5 HE KISSED ME ON MY LIPS! Not lying!!!$!!!

Someone joked around me saying 'he has a crush on you' but he said no. But he acts awkward around me. He nevr even talks to me! He like ignores me!

I liked him the first time I saw him. And he also told me he likes me. Were the same belt at taekwondo classes and we r BESIDE EACH OTHER.

His big brother told me he is in love with me. but I don't like Shawn!!!!!
2532 days ago
Love these quizzes because there's a guy I have liked for about 3 years now yet he's asked other girls out in that time yet last year he tryed asking me out but in a way that I didn't understand understand so he gave up now we're talking but I don't know whether it will go anywhere
2549 days ago
90% cant believe it ssssssqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeee
2549 days ago
the guys like me cus I'm 1000% sporty and 1000% funny, are these the wrong reasons!!!???
2552 days ago
90% of guys wow, you go girl
2556 days ago
The girl that made this quiz has my name
2567 days ago
I like this hottie called Charlie
2569 days ago
2587 days ago
I like this guy named Ryan but he likes my BFF😶
2596 days ago
I like this dude his name is Nicholis
2598 days ago
Major gurl meltdown ... Need mascara