How Do Guys See You? (GIRLS ONLY)

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    How do you dress?

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1782 days ago
Am am not a nerdy girl am The tough one I have 5 brothers no sisters and goody two shoe friends and I LOVE sports and they hate them I HATE homework they love it kind of and I am just saying am a tough sportie friend protector kind of girl that is not socially awkward and gets along with guys super easy
1791 days ago
I am so not nerdy, and I'm not exactly shy either. I not loud either I'm just in the middle. I mean I'm really good in all subjects but I like sports and I'm really social. We don't really have popular people at school but most people know who I am.
1818 days ago
The tough one. Really. Whatever. idrc. not a bad thing. maybe I should show off my softer side and just be myself.
1853 days ago
Nerd? Me? Pffft no way! (Iโ€™m being sarcastic Iโ€™m totally a nerd) but Iโ€™m also very sporty
1855 days ago
I got tough? How am I in any way tough? I'm the comic relief most of the time!!! I feel like this quiz is horribly inaccurate. :(
1873 days ago
Almost everybody got nerdy or tough.
Like I got nerdy when I'm not that nerdy.๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
1875 days ago
Me a nerd???? Im not a nerd
1882 days ago
A tough one seriously? I guess I donโ€™t like being messed with but seriously :/
1885 days ago
This is ... a nerd....i am no nerd...i am as tough as they get....t....its nonsense and too think I wasted ma data on this...๐Ÿ˜’โ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’
1901 days ago
I got nerdy!! But if opposites attract, does that mean I get the jocks? YAY!
1904 days ago says you nerdy whilst uu not..uuurrgh juhs a waste of time..
1955 days ago
I got nerdy. I ain't nerdy I get C-, C, C+ on my report cards
2036 days ago
I'm not nerdy AT ALL! in fact, my grades are pretty low. I actually have a ton of friends r.
2050 days ago
I am not nerdy i have a whole bunch of guy friends and a lot of other friends. there's kids i dont know who know me.
2104 days ago
this makes me mad. i am pretty popular at my school and i am not nerdy
2158 days ago
This is so wrong it said that they didn't mind I was the nerdy girl but i said I was popular
2159 days ago
This test is off guys r afraid of me I'm not a nerd
2174 days ago
I loved this test it helped me to know myself
2180 days ago
It said that I'm the cute one and that my crush likes me??? =^.^=
2186 days ago
For number eleven I'm a mix. I can be cute at times, always happy,smiley, kind, strong, and a bookworm.