Do boys like me? 12-13 years old girls ONLY!

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    I know this is in every crush quiz but do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 2
    Do you talk much? If so does he blush or tease you?
  • 3
    Where did you meet?

  • 4
    Do you hang around him?
  • 5
    Why do you like him?
  • 6
    Does he ever sit near you?

  • 7
    If you asked him out would he say yes?
  • 8
    If you smiled at him would he smile back?
  • 9
    Which one of these faces would he do I feel you asked him out?
  • 10
    Which percentage represents how much you honestly thinks he like you?

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695 days ago
I just came here to see the questions(Don't worry I'm 13) and this seems quite accurate. This seems like a test to see if guys like me(The lowkey cool but sort of not) like you. I also thought this was a test to see if guys like you, not your crush.
964 days ago
Whoa ! Help me . I have recently dreamed about that arrogant classmate of mine who kissed me in my dream ! I know it's just a dream but I can't stop thinking about it .
1135 days ago
I have a crush on this one boy named Dylan but my friend likes him and I have a crush on another boy named Joey but my other friend likes him I also have another crush named Luke he is always teasing me we tell watch other a lot of things even personal things and everyone at my school ships us and every quiz I take it says he likes me but I am still questioning it does he like me???????
1174 days ago
I love this so boys come here now
1251 days ago
There is this boy I like and he's from my church his name is london and I dont know how to talk or say hi to him ,he always talks to others girls but never really talks to him.One time we hung out and we had to much fun togther and when I come back to meeting/church he acts like I dont exist ,I really had a fun time with him and I want to do it agian but does he really like me ion know
1380 days ago
So the boy I like is two of my best friends’ brother! And his mom told him I liked him which so sucked because I didn’t even tell her but I’m glad he knows. I think there is a chance he likes me but how can I be certain? I can’t talk to him about it.
1395 days ago
I agree with candy cane. That's weird
1419 days ago
I thought this was do BOYS like me not does my crush like me. Any one else confused?
1420 days ago
I'm dating the boy right now as I take this test. lol
1807 days ago
Oh my gosh I have been crushing on him since the 1st day of fourth grade (still in fourth grade) but yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :0
1830 days ago
My crush kissed me!!! : D We are almost Boyfriend Girlfriend!!!
1844 days ago
This boy always makes me laugh but he is too shy to hang out
1846 days ago
i like this one cutte boy. He teases me a lot and we are always laughing should i tell him how i feel. oh and we going to hang next week if he shows up to a competition
1857 days ago
So I like this guy in school and once I told my friends that I liked him. But the second I told them, they ran to the nearest person and TOLD THAT PERSON!!!! I don't know what to do now and also now I feel guilty liking him! I want to tell my mom about my situation,but I'm afraid she's going to freak out.
1910 days ago
There's this guy in school I really like, but he's a year older than me and he's graduating at the end of the school year (He's in 8th grade/Year 9/S2 and I'm in 7th/Year 8/S1. In America we have 3 years of middle/secondary school, and it lasts from Year 7-Year 9, ages 11-14. I know that may seem odd to a number of you, so I'm just not-so-briefly explaining it here). I'm terribly guy-shy and I'm afraid I'll be rejected or he'll say something like, 'Sorry, but who are you?' or think ill of me after I do it. I'm also afraid my friends will tease me and I'll just feel so weird and awkward and obtrusive. I also don't really know this guy apart from his name and who he hangs out with and that he sits at the 'cute guy' table in the cafeteria (Kind of like a canteen) and I'm too chicken to approach him because heck, I can't even look at him without feeling intrusive. Also, his friends intimidate me. I wondered if I should just surreptitiously leave a Valentine for him someplace in the school and hope someone happens upon it and brings it to him, but then it might cause an uproar and I'll just end up lying in bed at night with guilt gnawing away at my insides. I don't even know if he'll go to the same high school as most of us in my secondary school are going to, and for all I know I might never see him again! I know I've wasted your time and please accept my sincerest apologies for it, but what do you guys think I should do?
1966 days ago
Okay so there is this boy named Devin. I really like him but when he tried to ask me to the end of the year dance I didn't answer. I wasn't shocked because I feel like he did like me. I just have a strong fear of commitment when it comes to relationships because, what If I'm not good enough or what If I don't act like a girlfriend would. It's all so new to me because I'm slowly starting to break out of my introverted shell. Girls/Guys, don't do the same mistake I did. It gives you painful regrets later on. If you have the perfect soulmate, go for it! Not right away though, get to know the person first because bold usually doesn't work out the way its supposed to :). Good luck!
1990 days ago
I like a boy named Reyes. Almost every boy likes me, but it is either my personality or attitude or my appearence. But Reyes didn't seem to care, i confessed to him, he said he felt nothing and only treats me as a friend. He said, "You are just a friend to me." He didn't seem to care about my feelings either, but i don't know why i still like that boy. He is like my other part, rude, cute, hot, popular and sometimes cheerful. But we don't talk alot, sometimes he doesn't reply my texts, and we are different classes, he's 6-5 i am 6-7. We only met during Mother Tongue class because he sit beside me, even though i am Love Expert and enjoy helping others find love. When it comes to my love life, i am totally clueless, i don't know what to do!
2070 days ago
So i like this guy named jason and i keep trying to tell him i like him but he always changes the subject but all my friends say he likes me but y ex says he doesn't. what should i do ;(
2128 days ago
i've liked this one guy for a while now, but i'm still debating on weather or not i should tell him my feelings for him. what should i do? somebody please help me
2128 days ago
Most chances are that he likes you. Give him about 2 days, keep smiling at him when you see him, and if he still doesnt give you any news, go talk to him