Are you attractive? (for girls)

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Do many guys have a crush on you? Are you pretty and popular? Let's find out!

  • 1
    Have you kissed a boy before? How many?
  • 2
    What is your hair color?
  • 3
    Have you dated any boys? How many have you dated?

  • 4
    Are you currently single? For how long have you been single/dating?
  • 5
    What color out of these four do you prefer?
  • 6
    Where would your favourite place to go on a date be?

  • 7
    How many boys do you know have a crush on you?
  • 8
    What is your body shape?
  • 9
    Are you clever?
  • 10
    What stands out in your face?

Comments (22)


695 days ago
hmm i do love boys becuase they are hot and the abs and they kind to me
822 days ago
popular like all the other quizzes but like idk if i can trust em.... haven't dated but I'm only in middle school...people want me too lol
992 days ago
Do some quizzes for lesbians
1416 days ago
I'm popular yay! Boys like me, even more yay! I don't know if I can trust the test though...
1456 days ago
yeah, that is true i have few friends not many boys like me even though half of my friends are guys, and they are the best, there is this one guy particularly who i like he is very angry a lot lol but he is awesome and he is always a bit calmer around me. well anyways nice quiz....*fades away into darkness*............................... .......................
1533 days ago
I'm popular and good in school work.TOTALY COOOOL
1712 days ago
so it said I’m an outcast with dude btw I have never dated anyone and 2 guys are LEGIT falling for meh any suggestions??
1745 days ago
1778 days ago
i got 30% wow wrong sorry i like the quiz but the results arn't accurate
1792 days ago
it gave me all of the profiles....
1795 days ago
You are all attractive! Even if you don't know it!
1804 days ago
Omg it said I was attractive, idk even... I don’t think i’m attractive tho Overall I like this quiz
1856 days ago
im not super social but i do have a bunch of friends but this quiz told me no one liked me and i was an outcast that like murdered whatever was left of my self esteem
1856 days ago
It said I was an unattractive outcast, WHAT? I am so social, everyone knows me, I'm good in school and I'm basically friends with everyone. I'm never awkward or a weirdo. Lol this test wasn't the best
1858 days ago
This is absolutely incorrect. I am married and it said I was an unattractive outcast! As well as saying you are a little bit of everything. This is a terrible quiz!
1859 days ago
This was the worst quiz I ever took!🚫❌😡👎🏻
1893 days ago
HOW DID I GET 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1895 days ago
I got a which is like 50% which i'm super surprised.
1901 days ago
Please say I'm not the only one who got your an outcast
1920 days ago
This is a lie BC 8 boys like me