Do Guys Like You?

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Take this quiz to see if guys will ever want to date you: D

  • 1
    Do Guys ever compliment you?:)
  • 2
    Do you wear makeup?
  • 3
    Are you a nice person? Do you have a good personality?:)

  • 4
    Do you bathe and shave?
  • 5
    Did you ever have a boyfriend?
  • 6
    What do you look like?

  • 7
    What is your body like?
  • 8
    Are you a girly girl or tomboy?
  • 9
    Is your hair short or long?
  • 10
    Last Question!: D are you ready for the results?

Comments (34)


548 days ago
I don't like how if you wear glasses you have to have greasy/frizzy hair because i wear glasses and my hair is (not exaggerating) actually fantastic.
551 days ago
Uh no, I’m not pretty and I’m in a ‘happy’ mood
590 days ago
Funny, but not true. My gf has brown eyes and glasses and she looks beautiful.
590 days ago
This was the most hilarious quiz I ever done. The real beauty is inside and DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT. Anyway, congrats! You just won the price of the most disgusting quiz ever!
601 days ago
Worst test ever. I got "Guys like you! You're pretty and always in a good mood. Guys definitely enjoy talking to you: D maybe you've even had a boyfriend" only because u asked questions about having big 💑 and bums. Also you didn't even include a catogary for black or brown hair. You need to redo this Asap !
634 days ago
I am only 7 years of age I’m not even slightly happy that boys like me my next door person gives me cake no no no 💩
634 days ago
I’m a boy ...........
634 days ago
If I have blue eyes will boys still like me
634 days ago
.......... anyone else who’s a boy 👦
649 days ago
’Wear makeup’
Me: I’m allergic!!!!
688 days ago
This is honestly mean and very stereotypical. You don't have to have blue eyes, a certain body and small nose, etc to be beautiful
710 days ago
hahaha 😂 this is so funny. Some of the answers are soo funny
714 days ago
So, when I first took this quiz I chose the choices that describe me. I got, “you are very pretty and guys like you”.
But then, I decided to test something out. I retook the quiz, and that time I chose choices like morbidly obese and bald. The result was terrible and just offensive. The result was, “guys avoid you like the plague! You are ugly and gross looking. Lose some weight fatty!”
725 days ago
This is so mean I feel like I just got slapped in the face. This is also very inaccurate
They said “guys avoid you like the plague. You’re gross looking:( they and wear more makeup and lose weight fatty cakes! Then maybe they’ll glance at you...” first of all I have a lot of guy friends, second my doctor told me I need to gain more weight, third of all I’m eleven and I don’t think eleven year olds need to wear makeup. I thought this test would tell me if people thought I was nice or not. 😡😡😡😡👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
769 days ago
I believe you don’t need to look ‘pretty’ for boys to like you in my grade all the boys like Tom boys and don’t even talk to the more girly People
782 days ago
{@Bella Tipacti: Me too!!! :( I only like one of them though...} My dream crush.... likes me.. but I haven't confessed.....
804 days ago
Well i dont do much to get attention so i can see why guys wouldnt really talk to me
807 days ago
834 days ago
the test says i 'm pretty and nice but i don't like the bipolar part of choice
845 days ago
I dont really agree with this...