How Jealous are you
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How Jealous are you

Are you jealous and insecure in your relationships?

Question 1:Your significant other wants a night out with friends, do you?
Say' go ahead ,I will go out with some friends also'
Say, ok but what time will you be home and I will miss you
Say No! There is no reason to go anywhere without me

Question 2:Your good friend is going to a party with other friends you really don't get along with, do you
Say'I hope you have a good time'
Say'I don't really get along with them but I am glad they are nice to you'
Say'Those people are jerks why do you have to loaf with them'

Question 3:Your family buys your significant other an expensive Gift for their birthday, you get $10 in a card on yours, do you
Tell your honey that you are really happy for them
Say, 'they like you better and I am hurt'
Get mad and refuse to talk to your honey or your family

Question 4:You go to a party and everyone is a couple but you,do you
Mingle anyway and have a good time
Pout about not having anyone to everyone who will listen
Yell ' this party really sucks and leave in about 5 minutes

Question 5:Your friend wins thousands in a contest or lottery, do you
Say congratulations and mean it
Say congratulations but really feel like they don't deserve it
Stomp off and act angry

Question 6:You are invited to a party at your best friends new home. It is a very fancy and expensive home, do you
Think how much your friend deserves this place and tell them so
Think to yourself that you are more deserving and why can't it be you
Refuse to go and tell all your other friends how the other friend is a show off now that they have money

Question 7:Your honey has a friend that He/she is mildly attracted to but they want to go to lunch and swear to you that they just want to talk, do you
Let them go ,you trust your honey
Let them go but worry the whole time
Get really angry and refuse to speak to them if they go

Question 8:You drive an older vehicle and your friend buys a new SUV,They insist on driving everywhere you go,Do you
Say, hey great vehicle, I'm ready to go
Say,'you know I can drive sometimes too'
Say I hate SUV's, I heard they are unsafe

Question 9:Your honey wants to take a weekend trip alone with wild single friends, do you?
Say go ahead sweetheart
Let them go but make sure your honey know you have exciting plans too
Pout, stomp your feet and make them so miserable they stay home

Question 10:Your friend just went on a cruise,they have great weather, you go camping and it rains,when you get home do you?
Go on and on how happy you are for them and tell them you had fun too even in the rain
Tell them you are happy for them but your vacation sucked
Say you don't even want to hear about their trip

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