Are you the Jealous Type
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Are you the Jealous Type

Question 1:   If another girl gave your boyfriend a gift would you........
flip out and tell him or her that they better stay away or they'll deal with you and throw the gift away
get pissed and don't talk to him
don't sweat it. They're with you

Question 2:   If you went to a club with your friends and they were getting all the attention would you.........
start crying and say your ugly and no one wants you
take them aside and tell them you want some attention too
Think to yourself "Good for Them" since you always get the attention

Question 3:   If your boyfriend always talked about other girls just to make you mad How would you react?
Freak out and say stuff to make them mad
Get mad, but shrug it off
Laugh and say "Yeah like that would happen."

Question 4:   For Christmas or your birthday you got the dumbest gift from your significant other and your bestfriend got the coolest thing that you wanted.. how would you react.....
go home and cry your eyes out and be pissed off for days
remember and think your time is coming
think "its the thought that counts."

Question 5:   You just got a new car and its cute, but kind of junky, but you love it anyways and here comes your friend with a new BMW.. what are you thinking?
What a spoiled bitch! and you ignore her
Say "Nice Car." but think what a bitch
Tell them "Nice Car," but you still think yours is better because it’s YOURS!

Question 6:   Your best friend and you are going after the same person, but he chooses her.... how do you react?
That Bitch! What kind of friend is that? And never speak to them again.
Get upset and take some time to think about it and finally realize its stupid.
Your prettier anyways and you can get someone better.

Question 7:   You have to work your ass off for everything you have. and your bestfriend get everything handed to her. What do you think?
Why can't I have parents like her and cry all the time.
Envy her a little, but what can you do
I am so proud of everything I have since I paid for it

Question 8:   Your boyfriend gave another girl a ride home from a party you couldn't make.. How do you react....
Scream and yell at him and tell him that is never to happen again or its over!
Talk to him about it and ask him how it feel if you did that
Say "Whatever" he's with me

Question 9:   You see you ex of 2 years with another girl(your not over him completely) What do you do?
Go home and look at pictures of you 2 and cry for hours.
Get choked up and glare at him
I am so much better off without him

Question 10:   Your friend gets to meet the hottest actor ever! How do you react?
Get mad and sulk in your room and don't talk to her for a few days!
Get upset, but ask her to get you an autograph
Say "That is so awesome! Tell them I said hi and get me an autograph!"

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