''Does My Crush Like My Best Friend?'' Quiz

It's a bad place to be, but all too many of us have been through it: The person you like, who you hoped liked you, too, seems to be more interested in your best friend. Ugh!

If this is something you're wondering (or even agonizing) about, take my quiz. I hope it helps you figure things out and that you and your bestie can stay friends. Boys come and go, but besties are forever (that's why they're called BFFs!).

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    Does he smile at your friend?

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18 days ago
Here's my results:

Ready for your result? He likes you both. Ugh! First, make sure you really want him. Then ask your friend how she truly feels. He might be a better match for her than you would be, or vice versa. Or maybe you'll agree neither of you will date him.

Boys come and go, but do try to keep your friendship with this girl from dying over this. Have a good, long, honest talk. Good luck! I am sure you can work this out.
59 days ago
(: HE LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!
64 days ago
Crazy story - My crush likes my bff who used to like him back but now me and my other bff like him HELP
69 days ago
Here's what I've got:

Ready for your result? He hates your friend. (: So there's nothing for you to worry about, you still might have a chance with him, and you won't lose your bestie in the process. Good luck!

Well, thank goodness... (I'm kinda sure that he likes me back :) )
115 days ago
Hi, I did anyother of these tests so j already know my crush doesn't like me. I actually only did this test 4 my BFF. She has a friend who's jealous of her and likes her crush. I dunno how to tell my BFF that her crush likes her friend... pls help
124 days ago
my result is that he likes us both which hurts me more cause she's prettier than me. e might like her more 😭
176 days ago
@Vally ~ SAME I feel like my crush (I took a quiz and it says I nearly luv him- I’m 11!) likes her back and she used to like him for a week and I have liked him for 3months-ish and I feel like she is gonna take him away from me even tho he knows I like him and he acts like he likes me and his friends have said the same (he tells his friends everything tho) so- rn I’m just overthinking EVERYTHING and I’m at the lowest I have ever been- 🥺😭
179 days ago
Missy iij got the same thing I know its stuff but I mean if you're friend doesn't like him score for u right
179 days ago
Kayli well thanks for this his friend said he liked me but I hope this test is right please make more so I can know if he realy likes me he has changed alot sense last year sooo:)
206 days ago
He doesn't like your friend. He's just friendly! Whew! Just watch out, because if he's this type, you could be misreading signals that he likes you. I'm not saying he doesn't. Just be careful. Some guys are just friendly to all girls and it doesn't mean anything. Try to find out the truth. Flirt with him and see what happens, or just ask him flat out if he likes you. Good luck!

Gurl you think I have that kinda confidence
244 days ago
Soo.. I dont really know if my crush likes my friend ( her name's kim btw) but i'm pretty sure that she likes him { A LOT} and is hiding it from me... I'm not really sure though but whenever me and kim talk she just keeps going ON AND ON about my crush (btw his name's austin) she even told me that before I started crushing on austin she used like him... A LOT!!! but when i asked her if she still likes him she just looked at me silently for a few secs and then said- 'I dont know' WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN KIM?!?!! I mean she is the only one who knows about my crush on austin and she sometimes says me and Austin should marry each other (will see 'bout that 😳) sooo.. she's kinda confusing me? idk anymore.. I'm just gonna ask my crush if he likes me.. I cant take all this tension anymore 😬
320 days ago
Friends* (replacing the first time I wrote say lol
320 days ago
So my friends crush talks about me more then her and I hate it so much because all his say he likes me but I don’t like him, but I think my friend is starting to stop liking him because of that, so just to people doing this quiz, he might like your friend but trust me she might not like him so don’t blame her if he likes her (unless she flirts with him)
346 days ago
409 days ago
I feel like my friend is stealing my crush. My bestie and crush have a group chat together along with another friend, and in the group chat my crush talks with my bestie. He doesn’t rlly have the same fun as with me :’( but maybe I’m just overreacting. I’m sure he likes me as a friend right? The three of them believe that liking ppl is out of their age, so I’m sure nothing bad will happen. I’m just jealous that my bestie will become best friends with him and soon they’ll be together ):< Plus worse my bestie thinks I’m “insane” and “disturbing” while I’m not! She’s also manipulated my crush into believing that too! No one in my entireeee life has called me “disturbing.” Plus my bestie always make me and my crush fight for some petty reason. UGH MAYBE I SHOULD BREAK UP WITH HER. Additionally my crush has a “gang gang” and he said that my bestie was the only person besides the gang gang to have his mega respect. My besties started copying his style too. I don’t want my crush to dislike me 😭but my bestie is pushing me into this. Idk if she’s a real friend. Worse my old friends are already mad at me for spending more time with her and the other friend. I’m not putting all the blame on her but I’m just sooooo ANGRY!!!
416 days ago
IT says that he like us both but why whould he like my bff like that my bff is his sister
518 days ago
My friend has been talking to My crush and I'm getting pretty jealous! So i took this test just in case... and I'm I'm glad he doesn't like her! He was just being friendly! But I'm gonna do another test to see if she likes him! I'm gonna be so mad if she does! She already has a bf and she knows I like him! But yeah!
I know I'm a bad friend -^-
520 days ago
Um so I have liked this guy for..almost a year now and have basically known him all my life...but not that well. But after I started liking him we started to be around each other all the time so i've gotten to know him better. Thing is he knows I like him beause a little boy found out and told him and some of his friends who told others who told others till everyone knew. I just found this out recently that his parents know as well...=.=" So the next time I saw him I confessed to him and stuff and he was really nice about it saying stuff like it's okay and yea. So after that everything was fine...(I did have depressing days but besides that)until his little brother told me my crush had feelings for me. I was so happy. (This was a month ago btw) Until a few weeks ago I found out something...I have a friend who I've known all my life and grown up with who is really good friends with my crush. Lets just call her....Clarissa ig. So my friends and I were talking and then..my best friend's little sister told me my crush liked Clarissa. When I found out I kinda was um...just like meh surprisingly. Then I talked to my other friends about it and they said it was true and they had known for a while but didn't tell because they knew I would be hurt..i kinda was upset but I understand. So basically these last few weeks I've been watching Clarissa and my crush....a lot. (Clarissa ships me with my crush btw) When I watch them it kinda makes me....ship them..and I said to myself f i really love my crush I will let him go...so yea that's where it is right now. It still hurts but..yea. Hopefully I'll find someone someday...
575 days ago
so i am in sixth grade and have a crush on this fifth grader. actually, i am infatuated. i don't know if he likes any of my friends or not, but i used to be confident that he likes me because he looks at me, stares at me, and we make eye contact. but my best friend once told me that my crush was making fun of me. he also ignored me once i finally said hi to him after about two years of having feelings for him. it hurt me so badly. he just looked at me and my friends and said nothing and then turned back around and kept walking. one day at lunch, when i was about to sit down with my tray, he was looking up at me and seconds before i sat my tray down, he got up with his tray and sat down on the same side as me and i had to sit next to him. when i was trying to down, my💗accidentally touched his left thigh and i heard him say 'dang' like he was annoyed or mad or something and i wish i said sorry to him. also, please keep in mind that i had a scab under my nose and i was embarrassed. twice when i looked his way, he looked at me and so i quickly looked away. i drank my milk and juice once he left the cafeteria. i wish i didn't let those kids in my class get in front of me so that they could sit down before me. i also wonder why he sat down next to me. i am also planning on telling him some time when i go back to school to see what his reaction and response will be.
603 days ago
So I LIKE this guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me back but my friend also likes him yet he claims that he doesn't like her at all saying that she's annoying. But since our prom is coming up my friend asked him. His friends told him to say yes so he did. Now I'm just confused. He hates her, yet he said yes. I asked him once again if he liked her. He said that his friends pressured him to say yes even though he didn't really want to. I realised that he is a follower. And that I'm not sure if I should still like him as he makes decisions based on what others say. My friend was so happy, my other friends congratulated her, not even thinking about how I felt. I feel heartbrokened and wanted to avoid him but that didn't stop him from glancing and talking to me at school. Pls help me