Are You Obsessed With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush?

This test will help you find out if you're obsessed or not. ^_^ Good luck!

Question 1:You come home from school and he/she calls you... but the bad thing is, you're busy doing your homework. What do you say?
"Can you call me back in about an hour or so?"
I don't pick up the phone/parents answer.
"I'll finish my homework later!"
"I'll call you back when I'm finished, okay?"

Question 2:So, you got that dilemma taken care of. When you do get to talk to him/her again later, what do you talk about?
I'll let him/her talk about whatever he/she wants, and I'll make comments or suggestions here or there.
We don't talk a lot. Maybe a sentence or two every five minutes.
We talk about eachother's days, what we did, etc. and we discuss the important parts with eachother and give eachother advice.
I talk about my interests, and he/she talks about his/hers.

Question 3:Aww, he/she has to get off of the phone... what is your usually method of saying your goodbyes?
"I love you, and I will forever and ever!!"
"I'll see you tomorrow. Bye!"
"Love you. Bye!" or "Bye, *pet name*!"

Question 4:You get online and you decide to type up an e-mail to him/her. You check your inbox and he/she sent you one... but it was from yesterday, and it looks VERY important. What do you do?
I call him/her up (even though he/she had to leave) and apologize.
I respond, of course after reading it, and apologizing for not seeing it sooner...
Forget about it. It was from yesterday.. he/she would have said something today about it.
I scan over it to see what it's about, then respond if it's important.

Question 5:Later on that night, he/she calls and sounds upset over something. When you ask, they won't tell. You assume....
....that it would make him/her even more upset if they told you, so you help to comfort the best you can without being nosy.
....nothing. I just go on about my business.
....that he/she is cheating on you and their other boyfriend/girlfriend did something to hurt them.
.....that it's something that he/she is hiding from you, like a secret, and you bug them until they tell you.

Question 6:He/she finally tells you, and it's really bad news....... what do you do?
There's not much I can do.
Cry along with them.
Discuss it with them, and if it starts to make them sad, you quit.
Give them comfort for a few minutes until they're over it.

Question 7:It's night time. What are you doing?
Thinking/dreaming about him/her until I fall asleep.
Writing in your diary/journal about what happened to him/her, and adding your thoughts.
Sitting in my bed, thinking about everything that happened today.

Question 8:Morning time! You're watching morning television and he/she calls. What is the first thing you talk about?
How he/she slept.

Question 9:Getting bored, you decide to ask him/her to go somewhere with you. How do you ask?
"Hey, you wanna go somewhere with me later today?"
"Let's go somewhere!!"
I don't ask. I just wait till he/she gets the picture.
"Do you want to go out with me tonight?"

Question 10:You're getting ready to leave. What do you do to prepare and what do you wear?
I make sure I look attractive... like reapply my makeup or use hair gel... and I wear something that I wouldn't wear just anywhere...
I don't do anything special, I just wear what I'm wearing at the time.
Brush my hair, wear clean clothes... and I wear something that I would normally wear into public (nice yet simple).
I go all out... finding the perfect outfit, making sure I look noticeable, and I bombarde my breath with mints or toothpaste.

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