How Obsessed With Someone Am I? (Quiz for Girls Only)

Do you lust after a super-hot guy? Do you kiss his picture in your bed each and every night until you fall asleep and dream of him all night? Or - do you merely think he's good-looking? This quiz will show you just how obsessed you are with your current, well, obsession!

  • 1
    Would you make a collage of your obsession?
    Would you make a collage of your obsession?
  • 2
    How often is your obsession in your head?
  • 3
    Has your obsession ever appeared in your dreams?

  • 4
    How do you share your obsession?
  • 5
    How often do you kiss his picture?
  • 6
    Do you ever find yourself DRAWING him?

  • 7
    If you think about your obsession at night, what is he doing?
  • 8
    Have you ever written anything about him?
  • 9
    So where is he in your future?
  • 10
    So how was this quiz?

Comments (59)


35 days ago
It's odd how this only focuses on heterosexual relationships. It's possible for girls to not be straight.
135 days ago
I, adore patrick bateman I'd off myself for him anything I eat everything he's everything to me and only him no one else matters..
271 days ago
Dude...anyone here obsessed with Xiao Zhan?? I am only 14 where else he is 30!!Seriously I'd die for him. But tbh I am NOT that obsessed that it'd take over my life. I try to control myself cuz he asked his fans to do so. As his fan, I should listen to him right?T hough most of the time I get distracted by him I again remind myself not to do it, he won't likk it knowing I am obsessing over him over focusing on my studies.So...yeah, I LOVE HIM:D
274 days ago
i am just testing this for fun
304 days ago
I love that im taking this quiz but I'm also defs obsessed because I think about them 24/7 yet I blocked them on snap last night lmaooooo too much effort but I shall miss
342 days ago
I love him and I don’t know what to do about it
375 days ago
i am obsessed with someone who is 20 years older than me... alex turner
381 days ago
" So just how obsessed ARE you with this guy? Your obsession might be mistaken for a DISEASE! You are seriously obsessed and want to marry this dude! Don't worry...time can cure your disease, but until then, you can be as obsessed as you want. After all, obsessions are entertaining. You probably already share your obsession with your friends and family. That's a good way to let your feelings out, but don't annoy them too much, or the disease might become fatal! Just kidding, of course - but if you have been known to say his name over and over in your sleep, it's time to at least partly drain your brain. Don't let this lust take over your LIFE.:-)". Yea, thought so. Ooh, (his name).
387 days ago
So just how obsessed ARE you with this guy? You definitely have been bitten by the love bug, but want to keep him mostly to yourself. You get satisfaction in just seeing his face in your mind. You will get over him in time, but for now, you can wallow in the wonders of this obsession. After all, the best thing about it is he's so unattainable that, well, that's what makes it fun.
NAH I an't forgeting about him EVER i litterly almost started crying when it said I would get over him NAH UH
423 days ago
I think I'm obsessed with my best friend. Not romantically, but platonically, They're so perfect, I think about him multiple times all day, all night. The best part of my day is spending time with him, & life without him pretty much has no meaning!! I get embarrassed around him VERY easily, and beat myself up when I talk to him because I said something wrong, and then I obsess over that mistake until the next time I talk to him. Is this unhealthy?
427 days ago
I like the quiz but why is it only girls :(( I'm a boy and I like boys is that not allowed!!
632 days ago
I have obsession of people only from the internet than real life.
They're just interesting yet mysterious human being.
When you're in love,
you just wanna know and understand everything about them.
..Maybe stalk them a little bit. :)
Address ✓ , Family ✓ , Work ✓ , Past Relationship ✓ etc..
It would be even better and entertaining if s/he have a crush on you.
Age gap doesn't matter. :)

You could say i'm an international flirter lol
All the best to my minions out there xoxo
633 days ago
Meet this guy through a game, he told me a little bit of his brother and family situation, search up a little bit through the internet. estimating the age gap he was just a middle aged man, probably nearly 50? but his voice and behavior are pretty young and cute in some ways (oh, i've seen his appearance too). Do we have label? I'm not sure, we called each other nicknames although most of the time he preferred my real name because he claimed that he likes it. Love? Obsession? Lust? I'm not sure. Both of us are deeply obsessed with each other so desperately but deep down i have a little bit of concern with him about his private life. I don't know anymore, i'll just go along with it until he goes to death bed LOL.
644 days ago
Yup I’m lovesick y’all😬😬
655 days ago
50% obbssesion. I am very prous of myself.
And i am so weird about him....
659 days ago
i have a crush on ughhh its weirddd i know he is not real and he will never be real and i know its weird but its from lego movie anddddd he lies spaceships ok bye hhhhhhhhhhhhh
670 days ago
ok so i can't stop thinking about this one character from my hero academia... ik he's fictional and all but i seriously think i'm in love and i just want to be with him forever
676 days ago
Ok so there’s this boy who I met about two or three months ago and the legit second I saw him I could not take my eyes off him! But the thing is I’m super shy so like I’m too scared to talk to him and I’ve kinda been fangirling over him since then... 😬
707 days ago
Also I'm not gonna say who it is it's kinda embarrassing
If u want I can say which book tho
708 days ago
Ok so im obsessed with this guy from my favorite book and I can't stop thinking about him! So I did this test to see whichever boy from this book would be my bf and I got him now I'm in a obsession XDDD