How obsessed are you about your celebrity crush?

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You know that guy or girl on your favorite tv show that you just can't stop looking at? Or the actor that you can't stop thinking about? Find out how obsessed you are with that person here.

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    Do you find yourself thinking about them a lot during the day?

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26 days ago
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68 days ago
OMG, I'm obsessed with Jimin, like I didn't know that already lol. I love him to bits and can never stop thinking about him. I know he would never pick a girl like me, but I can still dream, can't I? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
70 days ago
I fell in love with kbreeezo (kobe morris) and Derek Trendz everytime I see them My heart melts🥰😍❤️
121 days ago
I fell in love with Alan Walker :))
189 days ago
WKASLKALS LMAO apparently i'm 70% obsessed with hozier that's w o n d e r f u l
204 days ago
Sksksksksksk im obsessed 99.9 percent
212 days ago
Mahomes is a Super Bowl champion now as of 2020, while Trubisky is actively fighting for his job... you think it would be an easy decision but I just can’t...
212 days ago
Well I took the quiz and it said I am totally obsessed with Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. But the problem is I also like Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky. Uh oh lol... this is a tough pick... I try to watch every game that they are on and I just love the feeling I get when I watch them. Seriously look them up for yourself and idk which one’s hotter.
219 days ago
Okay so I'm 15 and it said I was definitely obsessed with my celebrity crush......Charlie Puth 🥰💜. I just love him so so so much. I love his personality, his smile, his eyebrow scar, music, how genuine he is, how fun he is, his amazing perfect pitch, his skill at singing and producing and live performing, his hair, how he does everything for and adores his fans, EVERYTHING!! I want him to be successful in life, and be so happy in his life, cause he deserves all the happiness, I geniually love you Charlie, and I really hope I can see your beautiful face, in real life one day, COME TO AUSTRALIA lol ❤😭💕🤭😘😍
245 days ago
Okay so apparently I’m totally obsessed with Gerard Way, and honestly? I’m not surprised.
245 days ago
i have a crush on a guy...he doesn't know that i exist...he lives 5000 miles away from me...he is in the most popular boy group in the world...he doesn't even speak my language...idek if i would ever be his ideal type...his name begins with j and ends with n....he's a singer...he is park jimin
275 days ago
You like them a lot and know quite a bit about them. But you don't go overboard.

Phew! (Not telling anyone who this is so I can protect my anonymity!)
280 days ago
Seriously, I'm so in love with Finn Wolfhard. I took the test and it says I like him a lot, but I don't go overboard, and that's true. I would never stalk him like a crazy paparazzi, but I really do love him a lot. I just love every little thing about him... his soulful brown eyes, his irresistible smile, his dreamy singing voice, his mythical and talented acting skills... yeah, he's the best. And what I love is that we both live in Canada. But he's in Vancouver and I'm in Toronto, but still, both of us living in Canada is great enough. And I totally freaked when I heard IT was shot in Toronto so I went to some of the spots where it was filmed on my birthday, and one place we went to, apparently nobody was allowed in there but we got lucky enough. And when I went on the steps my mom was like, "You're walking on the same steps as Finn did" and I felt my cheeks turning red. Also, believe it or not, I got a piece of the Well House from the movie as a birthday gift from the girl who lived next to the Well House spot. That is NO LIE. You can check my Instagram and it's the very first picture I posted on there. Also, I'm not gonna mention them cuz there are too many, but me and Finn have so many things in common... the best one is he really loves filming and I was really shocked to hear that cuz filming is my biggest passion. I know he's super famous, but I just know I'll meet him someday...
287 days ago
M totally obsessed with HARRY STYLES. Its been 8 years now that i m his fan but it still feels that there ir so much to know about him. I m 15 nd m confirmed that this man was born to be on stage. I love the way he actually respects women. OMG I m already in love with him !!
297 days ago
I just love Harry styles ❤
I can't describe him.. there are no words to describe him . He is just incredible
299 days ago
I'm obsessed with nicki minaj since I was 6 and I'm 15 nowI'm obsessed with nicki minaj since I was 6 and I'm 15 nowI'm obsessed with nicki minaj since I was 6 and I'm 15 now
317 days ago
I simp over Noah Schnapp any day 🥺
318 days ago
I'm pouring my heart out. I'm head over heels for Finn Wolfhard. I mean, one look at him and my heart is racing like I ran a marathon. I love everything about him... his soulful brown eyes, his talented singing voice, his acting skills, his irresistible smile... yup, he's got it all. When I see him in movies like IT, Goldfinch or the Turning, I feel really hot on my cheeks and I feel like passing out. I feel totally psycho saying that but I'm not one of those crazy fans who would stalk him everywhere he goes but I do love him with all my heart. Also there's something about his smile that's so precious it's almost toxic. Like, his smile is too irresistible to even stand. And don't even get me started on how talented he is at singing... oh my god... his singing takes me to a whole nother world....
334 days ago
i love Shawn Mendes i just loveee him and been a fan for 5 years now and I’m only 16. I know it’s not gonna last forever and I’m just like every other silly teens out there but hes so nice and hes from the same country as me which makes me like him even more. I and I love his girlfriend Camila Cabell since 5th Harmony in 2015 and i love them both so much much. They’re in love and I’m a happy for them because I’ve shipped them for 5years BUT because I’m straight girl and Shawn is obviously an extremely sweet and handsome guy, I kinda fell in love with but I’m not jealous of Camila and yes of course I picture myself with him sometimes and I know it’s unrealistic of me but I know I will never be with him because he loves Camila and I love Camila(non romantic only as an artist like she is my big sis), I’m too young, I’m probably not his type and even if I was with him in a parallel universe, i would feel the pressure from the industry and it would make me depressed and overwhelmed. Shawn is the most attractive person I’ve ever heard and seen in my entire existence and I can not believe he’s THIS beautiful inside and out (just like Camila but in male version) he’s so nice and down to earth and he has empathy for everyone which makes me love him so much more and the interviews I’ve watch watched of him made me know and understand him better. I LOVE Shawn to a high level and This love keeps getting bigger and bigger(I know its a faze and it won’t last forever because I’m a teen but I hope I’ll find someone similar to Shawn one day.)