How obsessive are you over your crush?

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Are you a teenage girl (or boy...if you must...or if this just looks like a super cool quiz) who has a crush on a guy? Ever wanted to know if you are…well, a little too obsessed? To the point of stalking? Even if you are going out with your guy, you might like this quiz. It can tell you whether you could be going a little too far…take it and find out!

  • 1
    Do you know the guy’s favorite color?
  • 2
    How about his middle name? Do you know it?
  • 3
    So…your friends. If you have told them that you like this guy, how did they react when you did? Or how do you think they would react if you haven’t told them?

  • 4
    How long have you liked this guy?
  • 5
    His friends…do you take the time to watch how they act with him? Maybe to just see the kinds of people he likes to hang out with…or to see if they seem to be talking about you?
  • 6
    Do you know where he lives? Not for going and playing ding-dong ditch or peeking through windows or being really immature…just to know just because...ya know what I mean?

  • 7
    If you do talk to your friends about the dude, what do they say to you about the way you act towards him? Or if you don't, what do you think they would say?
  • 8
    Do your friends ever have to ask you to stop jabbering about the guy?
  • 9
    His eyes are…
  • 10
    In your opinion, how obsessed are you with this guy?

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283 days ago
302 days ago
320 days ago
I have been mad about my crush for 40 years.
322 days ago
Arrrgh Help Me!!!!! He Likes My Bestie
324 days ago
Ughhhhh I wish he liked me back! He makes me smile every time I see him and everything just fades away.. but I'm too shy to talk to him😒
324 days ago
I'm totally obsessed with him. I have ap picture of him and I look at it constantly. He wears beanie hats and 💝 they look amazing on him! When I'm in class with him the only thing I can think about is if he's looking at me, or if my hair looks good, etc. HE IS A FRICKEN ANGEL
328 days ago
To the beautiful girl reading this. Tell him how you feel. If you have signs that he could possibly like you, then tell him how you feel. Trust me if you don't you WILL regret it. Believe in yourself. If he doesn't have any interest in you. DON'T WORRY! That's his loss. He just lost a kind hearted and beautiful girl that would've given him the world. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be. If it's not...MOVE ON AND FIND SOMONE NEW! If he rejects you later on he'll find out that he made a stupid decision. SHOOT YOUR SHOT GIRLLLL! xx YOU GOT THIS!
353 days ago
I really need help. I am not obsessed with my crush but I want to tell him I like him. Is that a good idea? If it is how am I supposed to do that?!?
365 days ago
I’m like kinda super obsessed like we had to do this embarrassing video thingy for school and I listened to his like fifteen times and made note of how we’re meant for each other and then I realized that there was a song playing in the background and he mentioned that he’s obsessed with music so guess what I listened to it about 30 more times and searched up the few lyrics that I could hear through his amazing adorable voice and figured out what song it was (Wild Heart, by The Vamps) and I listened to it a bunch and now I listen to it whenever I feel sad or nervous and it just gives me a warm happy glow inside. Also he has a sister and her name’s Elizabeth and she’s a 9th grader and I was in a group with her in drama last year and his middle name’s Alexander (which is weird cause Alexander Hamilton had a son named William) and I know his birthday and he’s left handed and I know what his parents’ car is and I would know the license plate but it’s too far to see and I know that he’s somehow shorter than me and he has a cat or maybe 2 or 3 actually I think 2 I have 2 cats too well at my mom’s house at my dad’s house I have 3 and I know he plays dnd and he’s worn pajama pants to school before and HES JUST. SO. ADORABLLLLE!!!
431 days ago
I am super obsessed with my crush! He's just so handsome (and has nice legs)
453 days ago
I'm partially obsessed; my friends already told me that, tho. He's just sooooooo cute!
493 days ago
I’m sooooooo obsessed with him I just don’t know what to say to my parents or his parents or him im just nervous because he’s my 1st boyfriend and I’m his 1st girlfriend so it’s quite scary at frst but me and him wll gt through it together no matter what comes in between me&him❤️❤️❤️❤️
494 days ago
My friends say he likes me but I’m not sure.
496 days ago
im not to obsessed about my crush thats a good thing. RIGHT?
507 days ago
Hey just completed this test it shows that I am not over-obsessed with him but I definitely have feelings for him it is crazy.
525 days ago
I've liked this guy since he came to my school nearly two years ago. He is rly nice and funny and rly good looking. we're kinda friends but I wanna be more than that. But the worst thing happened. He stood up on hs chair in class and asked on of my not-very-close friends out. I nearly died. But there is this other guy who ikes me and he is rly nice aswell and I don't kno who to go with
531 days ago
Ok why you assuming it's a guy maybe check the year before posting a quiz.
538 days ago
“Hm. Hm. Hm. You definitely have feelings for this guy...and naturally, because of them, you know a bit about your guy. That's perfectly fine. Do not get freaked out and think that you are stalking him. The way it looks, things are perfectly fine, your guy is not freaked out by the way you act around him, but you are kind of obsessed.” Hm... That seems about right 😊
550 days ago
Just a tiny bit obsessed..
551 days ago
Lol am not even suprised I already knew I was obsessed 😂