Are you Dominant or Submissive?
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Are you Dominant or Submissive?

This test will tell you how much you like to take the lead, or the lead to be taken :P

Question 1:So you meet this guy for your first date. Who makes the first move?
Me of course!!
Him, But I teased him into it!
Him, But I wanted him to :P
Him, Me make the first move?! No way!

Question 2:What happens after the date?
I drag him to mines!
We go to mines, for coffee of course!!
He takes me like a knight in shining armour back to his...
We go to his, I'm so scared!!

Question 3:You get to the flat, what happens now?
I drag him inside, slam him up against the door and kiss him.
We go inside, and I flash my sexy lingerie at him.
He takes me in, and takes control.
He takes me inside, and comes on way too fast

Question 4:You go upstairs, what's the room like?
Its my dark red dungeonesque man lair!
Its cosy, sexy....the odd handcuffs hidden in drawers.
Smart, Dark and dangerous
Scary, all dark and the bed is massive and.....

Question 5:In the bedroom, what happens next?
I close the door and pounce!
I click the door closed, and flash him an evil glint
He closes the door, comes over and takes off my clothes
He slams the door and strides over to me evilly!

Question 6:You're in bed, what's happening?
He's giving me oral, good boy!
He's licking slowly down my body...
I'm giving him oral, and loving it
He's making me give him oral!! help!!

Question 7:Its getting steamy, who is where?
I'm on top of course, taking control
I'm evilly trying to get on top...
He's on top, going fast as he can....
He's on me! Get him off!!!

Question 8:Big O time, what's happening?
I'm coming, bouncing and screaming
We're coming, I'm trying to stay in control
We're coming, He's taking control, I love it
He's coming, I'm petrified

Question 9:Apres sex, what now?
I tell him he's been a good boy
We relax, and I revel in the good oral I gave him
We relax, and he tells me I've been a good girl
He sleeps, I try to escape

Question 10:The Day After?
I go to work, and leave him a nice little 'get out' note
I get up, and make him know He's done his job, now skedaddle!
He wakes me up, and says 'till next time'
He wakes me up, and tells me to go

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