The Fidelity Factor (for married women)
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The Fidelity Factor (for married women)

Just how faithful are you? Answer the following 10 questions to find out.

Question 1:You are 100% sure your spouse is cheating on you. You would:
Leave him immediately
Confront him with your knowledge and then leave
Confront him and try to work it out
Ignore it and hope it will end

Question 2:Your attractive in-law propositions you sexually. You know you will never be caught by your spouse. You would:
Carry on an affair with him with no regrets
Have sex with him once
Think about it, but turn him down
Not even be tempted

Question 3:Your spouse proposes a three-way with a male friend of his who you've always found very attractive. You would:
Agree readily, after all, if your spouse knows it isn't cheating
Disagree at first, but let your spouse persuade you
Be tempted but tell him no
Not even be tempted

Question 4:Your spouse receives a big promotion at work, but it requires him to go overseas for six months. You would:
Leave him for a man who can stay at home
Take an occasional lover while he's gone, after all, he probably is too.
Satisfy yourself with romance novels, movies, and masturbation
Do nothing sexually for the separation

Question 5:Your spouse is in an auto accident which leaves him paralyzed and unable to function sexually. You would:
Leave him for a healthier man.
Take an occasional lover to satisfy your urges
Satisfy yourself with romance novels, movies, and masturbation
Resign yourself to a life without sex

Question 6:The main purpose of sex in marriage is to:
Keep your spouse physically satisfied so he won't stray
Let you and your spouse satisfy your urges
Satisfy your urges and bring you closer as a couple
Give you and your spouse something in common that you can share

Question 7:My attitude towards giving my spouse oral sex is:
I won't do it
I will reluctantly give it because it pleases him
I enjoy giving oral sex, but not as much as some other acts
I thoroughly enjoy giving oral sex

Question 8:Your spouse's boss approaches you sexually. You know if you give in to him, your spouse will be promoted, but if you resist, he will be fired from an excellent and high paying position. If you knew your spouse would never find out, you would:
Have sex with the boss, because it would help your spouse.
Have serious doubts, but give in to the boss
Consider it, but turn him down
Turn him down without a second thought

Question 9:You have proof your best friend's husband is cheating. You would:
Keep it to yourself, it's none of your business
Drop a hint here or there to her and hope she figures it out
Tell her all
Confront her husband yourself

Question 10:Your spouse has lost all interest in your sexual life. You have made repeated attempts to spark his interest, but you haven't been together in three months. You would:
Find another lover
Have an occasional one night stand to satisfy your needs
Satisfy yourself with romance novels, movies, and masturbation.
Resign yourself to living without sex until he comes around

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