Fidelity-Are you likely to stray? (For Women)
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Fidelity-Are you likely to stray? (For Women)

Are you faithful to your man? What do you consider to be faithful? Take the following quiz.

Question 1:How faithful have you been to your current partner?
I have never cheated on him.
I haven't cheated, but the temptation has been there.
I have cheated a few times, but don't do it often.
I cheat on him regularly.

Question 2:Have you ever thought of others besides your partner in a sexual way?
I have had those thoughts, but would never act on them.
I have thought of others, but haven't had the chance to cheat.
I think of others often, and wouldn't mind putting those thoughts into action

Question 3:You see a good looking man in the mall. You:
Ignore him
Steal a quick glance, but don't dwell on him too long
Look him over thoroughly
Try to make eye contact

Question 4:What might cause you to cheat?
My partner cheating first
My partner's lack of interest in sex
Boredom with my partner

Question 5:Which of the following is your most frequent reason for masturbation?
I never masturbate.
Partner is absent for a long time.
Desire for sex unfulfilled by my partner
Fantasies of another besides my partner

Question 6:Which of the following reasons would cause you not to cheat?
It isn't morally right
Fear of getting caught
Fear of pregnancy or an STD
Lack of opportunity

Question 7:If you ever cheated, would you:
Feel guilty and tell your partner, even though he might leave you.
Feel guilty, but keep it to yourself
Not worry about it, as long as you didn't get caught.
Flaunt the fact in front of your partner.

Question 8:If you ever cheated, would it be with:
A co-worker
A friend of my partner's
A stranger
A relative or in-law

Question 9:When your partner asks you questions about your sexual past, you:
Reveal all to him
Tell him a little, but keep some of the juiciest parts to yourself
Tell him almost nothing
Tell him it's none of his business

Question 10:What is the highest degree of sexual contact you have had with someone besides your partner, either before or after you knew him?
Petting and heavy kissing

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