Relationship Honesty Test
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Relationship Honesty Test

Just how honest are you in your relationships? Take the test and find out

Question 1:You have been flirting with a cute guy from work. He calls your house one evening to invite you for lunch the next day. Your husband asks who was calling. You say:
My mom
A coworker
A male coworker
A male coworker asking me for lunch

Question 2:If your partner knew everything you had done physically with other men before your marriage he would be:
Shocked, I haven't given him a lot of the embarrassing details
Surprised. He knew I dated others but not everything we did together
A little surprised. He knew I had previous relationships, and I told him most of the details
Totally unsurprised. I've told him all

Question 3:If you had a one night stand with a coworker while your partner was away, and knew your partner would not find out, you would:
Keep it to myself forever.
Feel guilty, but keep it quiet for the good of our relationship.
Drop hints that might let him figure things out.
Tell him all

Question 4:How often do you lie to your partner?
Almost never

Question 5:If your partner knew all your sexual fantasies, he would be:
Shocked. I tell him very little.
Quite surprised. I've told him a little, but not the really good details
A little surprised. I'm a little racier than he thinks.
Unsurprised. I've told him all.

Question 6:Your partner asks if you masturbate. You say:
No way (and it's untrue)
Yes, but I only fantasize about you (and it's untrue)
Yes, every so often.
No way (and it's true)

Question 7:Your partner questions you about his attractiveness to you, and you feel like he could lose a few pounds. You say:
Your body is superb.
You look great.
You are almost as sexy as when you were 18.
You could lose a few pounds.

Question 8:Have you every cheated on your partner, physically or emotionally?
No, never
Yes, but I've told him about it
No, but I've told him I have to make him jealous.
Yes, but I've concealed it from him.

Question 9:Your partner asks you if your sex life is satisfying. You say:
It's wonderful (and it's true).
It could use a little work.
It's wonderful (and it's untrue)
We need to make a lot of improvements.

Question 10:Your partner catches you having lunch with an old flame in whom you still have a lot of interest. You tell him:
This is my cousin
This is a coworker and a business lunch
This is an old friend
This is an old boyfriend

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