Lonely Hearts
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Lonely Hearts

For single people only!! Are you depressed about being alone on Valentine's Day? How depressed are you? Take this DEMON BOB original quiz to find out!

Question 1:When you walk into Hallmark's during the first two weeks of February, what is your reaction?
"Gaah -- all this nasty gooey romantic junk! Let me out!!"
"Well, no Valentine this year. Maybe next year will be different."
"I have no darling boopsy-boo to buy any of this for! I think I'll go kill myself."

Question 2:If you are invited to a Valentine's party or banquet, you:
Stay at home weeping because you're alone and miserable
Go for the food
Go with friends and enjoy other people being romantic

Question 3:If you receive a Valentine from someone you're not interested in, you:
Let them know you appreciate their thoughtfulness, but don't return the sentiment
Make barfing noises
Decide to fall in love with them, because then at least you won't be alone

Question 4:Do you find yourself watching more romantic movies in the two weeks before Valentine's Day?
A few. I like to imagine how it will be for me someday.
Heck no. I hate romance movies.
Of course!! At least SOMEONE is getting some!!

Question 5:Are you planning to give someone a Valentine?
No way! That's disgusting.
Not unless I'm seeing someone seriously.
Of course! No matter who it is, I have to try and find love.

Question 6:Have you ever been in love?
Lots of times! In fact I wish I were in love now!
Not that I know of. I hope not!!
I've thought I was, but it hasn't really happened for me yet.

Question 7:What is "love" in your opinion?
Who knows. Getting married, eventually. If I have to.
The same dreams and goals, and knowing this relationship is for real.
A sweet, tender, fluttery feeling in your stomach.

Question 8:What is a really romantic gift?
A new computer system.
Jewelry, flowers, chocolates...
Something personal, from the heart.

Question 9:How will you celebrate Valentine's Day this year?
Doing something fun and avoiding all thoughts of romance.
Going out with friends, nothing romantic, but wondering when true love will finally arrive.
If I go out, which I'd rather not, I'll pretend to enjoy myself while actually crying inside.

Question 10:How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
A little sad right now; but it will get better.

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