Guys: How smooth are you?
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Guys: How smooth are you?

How smooth are you really. Do girls really find you charming, or do they just think you are a complete idiot. Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:What do you usually do when you see a girl that you want to get to know better?
Go up to them and start a conversation, something that you think might interest her.
Throw your best line at her, and then ask her out.
Don't say anything. You don't want to push your luck.
Ask what her name is, and what she likes to do. Just the basics.

Question 2:As a first date, where do you take her?
You ask her what she wants to do.
You take her mini golfing, you know that it's her favorite thing to do.
You take her out for a romantic dinner, and then watch the sunset.
Take her to the movies or out dancing.

Question 3:What do girls like most about you?
Your confidence in yourself.
Your outgoing personality.
Your eyes
Your sweet personality

Question 4:What is the first thing you say to her in when you see her?
"Hey, what are you doing this Saturday?"
You don't say anything, you let her start the conversation
"Hey sexy"
"Hi, how was your weekend?"

Question 5:What do you normally wear to school/work?
I usually wear a nice sweatshirt and Jeans with a bit of cologne
Mostly just a long-sleeved shirt with nice pants
A nice shirt and slacks
Normally I wear a T-shirt and Jeans

Question 6:How much time do you spend in the mirror practicing before you call a girl.
I don't practice what I am going to say first
I would never call a girl
I try out a variety of different lines
I practice what I am going to say a couple of times.

Question 7:What is the first thing that you notice about a girl?
They seem fun and easy-going
They seem friendly
They are really cute and innocent
They are really nice

Question 8:What do you do in you free time.
Go skateboarding with my friends
Go over to my friends house
Take out girls
Get things done that you have been putting off

Question 9:How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning
About 30 min.
I would say 5 min. Just get dressed and brush my hair and I am out the door.
A long time because I want to look good for the ladies
Not long, about 1 hour to eat breakfast and brush my hair.

Question 10:You refer to girls as...

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