What is your Confidence Level? (men)
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What is your Confidence Level? (men)

How do you fair when you love someone and You want to tell them. Are you daring, shy, do you laugh off rejection or do you hide in a corner find out.

Question 1:The First Girl you've ever liked laughs at you. You..
Are crushed and are heart broken for days.
Laugh Back at her realizing what she's missing
Hurt But Realize there's other Fish in the sea.
Look to the next best girl and Hope for the better

Question 2:You want to express your love to someone. How do you do it?
romantic poem to slip to her
I write her a letter from her Secret Admirer
I tell her myself. Best done face to face
I tell a blabbing friend. That'll get the word around.
I couldn't tell her

Question 3:The girl you like can have any guy she wants. You...
Show hints but never tell her directly
Lose hope, Why would she go for you anyway.
Don't bother with her, you want her to be happy.
Ask her yourself

Question 4:Which Movie character best fits your description?
Forest Gump
Austin Powers
James Bond
Rocky Balboa
Peter Parker

Question 5:Your crush asks you to sign her yearbook you...
Sign your name and leave it at that
Write from the heart, hope for the best
Use the traditional "Have a Great Summer"
Give her compliments hinting your true feelings

Question 6:Prom is just around the corner. The Girl you like has yet to have been asked. Do you..
Go Alone hopes she notices you
Ask her, no harm by that
Go with your friends
Don't go at all
Talk to her about it and hint at asking her to go.

Question 7:The girl you finally ask is
Miss popular
Hot, Hot, Hot
The girl you crush
You average Jane
Shy and Quiet

Question 8:People see you as...
a Stud
People actually notice me???
a Jock
a Nerd
Joe Cool

Question 9:Another girl asks you out. You...
Accept it, see where this girl takes you
Accept it to improve you status
Turn her down, you don't want to be disappointed
Ask if this is some twisted joke

Question 10:Finally, What color best fits you?

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