How are you on the love train?
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How are you on the love train?

Hop on the love train and see how you pull out...

Question 1:Where is the perfect date?
Dinner and a movie.
Comic book store.
My house, my room, my bed.
On the beach, picnic style.

Question 2:What do you look for in a girl?
Likes the same things I like.
Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Beautiful hair and dazzling eyes.
Big boobs, nice butt.

Question 3:If your crush came up to you and asked you for some money, what would you say?
"Will you pay me back?"
"Sure, what's mine is yours"
"What do I get in return?"
"I don’t have that much"

Question 4:You find your crush's diary, what do you do?
Sleep with it without reading it.
Call her and tell her you found it.
Return it personally.
Read it and try to find her desires.

Question 5:Your crush starts crying, what do you do?
Let her cry on your shoulder.
Run away.
Ask her what's wrong.
Walk away and come back when she's not.

Question 6:Where do you take your date to eat?
Red Lobster
Pizza Hut

Question 7:If your crush wants you to make the first move, what do you do?
Hesitate, then slowly move in.
Do it right away.
Ask her to make the first move.
Do it slowly, not forcing anything upon her.

Question 8:Your crush wants to meet your parents, what do you do?
Say ok and introduce them.
Hire strangers to act as your parents.
Warn her about your parents behavior.
Tell her she cant.

Question 9:Your crush and you are cornered by a growling, stray dog, what do you do?
Tackle the dog.
Hold on to your crush for dear life.
Call for help.
Block your crush with your body.

Question 10:Your crush says "I Love You", what do you say?
"Are you sure?"
"I love you too."
"I love you from the bottom of my heart."

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