*The Quiz 2*
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*The Quiz 2*

Just another quiz....check it out.

Question 1:You see your crush walking down the hall towards you. You...
Freeze and just watch him
Walk up to him and make conversation
Go hide

Question 2:You heard about this big party and you know your crush will be there. You...
Drive by the party all night, hoping you'll see him.
Get too scared and end up sitting at home...alone
Go buy a new outfit, go to the party and be as loud as possible...hey, he might notice you.

Question 3:You are...
A little bit of both

Question 4:You and your crush get assigned to do a project together. You...
Make conversation with him every so often
Flirt with him the entire time
Avoid him as much as possible

Question 5:Your crush just got a girlfriend. You...
Cry and cry and cry....your life is over!
Wait until he's available again.
Keep flirting with him. Maybe his girlfriend will get the idea and back off!

Question 6:You have a dream about you and your crush. You two are on a date....where?
In the country, having a nice, quiet picnic
At a party
It doesn't matter....you're with him....right?

Question 7:The best feature about your crush is...
His face
His butt
His personality

Question 8:You bump into your crush in the hallway and he knocks your books out of your hands. He...
Ignores you
Says he's sorry and helps you pick them up

Question 9:You have your crush's screen name, and he's online. You...
Wait to IM him
Don't talk to him
Immediately IM him

Question 10:How old is your crush?
Way older!
My age or a year or two older
My age or younger

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