What type of instrument-player are you attracted to, boys?
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What type of instrument-player are you attracted to, boys?

Question 1:What brand of clothing does she wear?
American Eagle
Whatever her mother picks out
The Gap
Hot Topic

Question 2:What's her personality like?
Liberal and angry
Girly and flirty
Introverted and quiet
Easy-going and charming
Tomboyish and friendly

Question 3:What do you think she needs to work on?
She should have more confidence in herself.
Being less superficial.
She needs to be more organized.
She needs to attend anger-management class.
She needs to have a social life.

Question 4:If she could have a pet, it would be...
A rat
A cat
None. She doesn't like animals.
A bird
A dog

Question 5:What's her favorite color?

Question 6:Her worst fear is...
Spiders. They are so scary.
Being seen with a cheerleader. She's no prep!
Wearing a skirt. She refuses to look too girly.
Spinach. It's so nasty.
Getting a B.

Question 7:How does she flirt?
She doesn't.
She yells at me or pretends to be mean.
She acts really nice and smiles a lot.
She sits on my lap or pets my hair.
She doesn't really have any specific techniques. She just goes with the flow.

Question 8:Which best describes her in terms of the boys in her life?
She'll go right up to boys and talk. She loves it when they come up and talk to her.
She's a girl-next-door. She's good friends with all the guys, and she doesn't realize how pretty she is.
She's kind of shy when it comes to guys, but she'll talk to them. It gives her confidence to know that there are a lot of people who think she's pretty.
She likes to be the one who comes to the guys. She gets pissed off when guys approach her.
She doesn't like to go up to them and talk.

Question 9:How many relationships has she had?
She's still waiting for that special someone.
She's dated here and there, but nothing serious yet. She wants a long-term relationship.
Just one. And it's been pretty serious.
None yet. She's too focused on school.
Plenty. Her motto is, "Bring it on!"

Question 10:Where would her ideal date be like?
You and her sipping hot chocolate/coffee at a local cafe while having deep conversations.
You and her at the mall emptying your wallets as rapidly as you can.
You and her watching a string ensemble.
You and her at a rock concert, making lots of noise!
You and her at a nice restaurant.

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