Boy & Love
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Boy & Love

Question 1:   A cute boy invites you to dinner at his house. His mother's cooking is terrible. Do you
Fake a food allergy and get better just after dessert it served
Move the food around your plate eat nothing, and keep saying,"Everything is so delicious!"
Force it down and politely thank her.
Suddenly remember that you're on that very strict diet

Question 2:   The boy you have a crush on has the same first name as your family dog! Do you
Just deal with it
Insist everyone in your family just calls the dog "Boy"
Choose a cute nickname for the boy and call him that.
Tease your crush relentlessly about it

Question 3:   You find an anonymous love letter in your locker. You:
Slip it into another girl's locker and see what happens.
Figure it must have gotten in there by mistake.
Wonder when you'll get more.
Sleep with it under your pillow

Question 4:   The girls-ask-guys dance is coming up! Decisions, decisions... You ask:
A fab friend
The cute, new guy in your class.
The most popular guy in the school
An outrageous dancer!

Question 5:   It's your crush's b-day. Your gift to him is:
A large picture of you looking glam
A bag of toys
The latest CD by his fav group
A giant heart-shaped cookie u made

Question 6:   Would u ever give your special guy flowers?
Yes! Y not
No way- he should give me flowers
Yes, and I'd grow them specially 4 him
Of course-and with balloons too

Question 7:   You send an e-mail to your boyfriend. How do u sign off?
Mega xxxooo!
Gotta run see ya!
Your best bud!
Miss me!

Question 8:   Your boyfriend picks a flower to match your personality.
Orchid- exotic and unforgettable
Tiger lily- bright and wild
Rose- beautiful and dangerous
Daisy- pretty and simple

Question 9:   Your ideal boyfriend is a guy who:
You feel connected to; it's almost as if you can read each other's thoughts
Is always upbeat and fun
Is as smart as he is cute
Thinks you're totally awesome and the greatest

Question 10:   What two qualities must a boyfriend of yours have?
Good sense of humor and charm
Sensitivity and passion
Loyalty and class
Intelligence and persistence

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