What are you willing to do for him?
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What are you willing to do for him?

Is there a guy you like? What would you be willing to do for him? Find out!

Question 1:   Is there a guy you like/love?
Well, kinda....

Question 2:   How often do you talk?
He doesn't even know I exist
All the time!

Question 3:   How much do you like him?
A bit...
I love him!
I don't know

Question 4:   When he talks to you, what do you do?
I die!
I get so embarrassed!
He never talks to me:(
I talk to him, duh!

Question 5:   If one of you had to die...
It wouldn't be me!
I would try to prevent either of us from dying!
I would die, he deserves to live!

Question 6:   If you saw him flirting with another girl...
I would kill her!
I would hope for him to be happy
I would murder him, he should be mine!
Who cares!

Question 7:   If he was kidnapped, what would you do?
OMG! Call the police! Someone dial 911!
I would save him!
Gather up some friends and go looking for him!
Meh, he deserves what he's got coming

Question 8:   What do you have in common?
Not much
A lot, we're bets friends!
Some things

Question 9:   If he asked you out, what would you say?
OMG, I can't breathe, he's actually asking me out!
About f@*#ing time!

Question 10:   When you smile at him, what does he do?
turns away and looks absolutely disgusted
smiles back
smiles back and winks ;)
comes over and asks you out:)

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