Are you "friendly"?
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Are you "friendly"?

Are you tired of being called slutty when you're really just being "friendly"? There's nothing wrong with a bit o' good friendly fun, eh?

Question 1:   Do you wear revealing clothing?
I wear big baggie sweats
So what? That doesn't make me a slut!
No, I am not a ho!
I like to wear clothes that'll make the guys sweat and the girls hate me!

Question 2:   Do you know the names of every guy you've ever kissed?
They have names?
I don't kiss guys
I don't kiss anyone
I know the names of 99% of them, and I think that's pretty darn good!
I don't like for them to talk, so I don't know most of 'em

Question 3:   How many people have you kissed?
I know how many, and it's a enough, and we'll leave it at that!
I lost track after 30
Kissing is icky!
Zero okay? Thanks for rubbing it in!
Kiss this!

Question 4:   Do you play stripping games?
No! I am a good girl!
No one will ever see me naked, not even my spouse!
Yes, if everyone else is, and if I'm drunk
Yeah, but I always lose cause I wear such little clothing
No, cause I'd have to be wearing clothes to begin with

Question 5:   Did you ever have intercourse on a one night stand?
It's the only way to do it
Sex is naughty--or I like it to be!
Once, and I have not done it again (and it's not like it was a stranger).
Fluid transfer? Eeeeewww!
Does masturbation count?

Question 6:   Have you at least kissed if not done more with most of your male friends?
The only reason to have male friends is so you can make out with them when other guys aren't around
I'm gay
It's not just my male friends
My friends have halatosis, so no
Yes, but I had crushes on them at the time, it just didn't work out

Question 7:   What age did you lose your virginity?
under 15
I want to be a nun
I'm waiting for marriage
I was over 18 and that's pretty good these days
None of your business (I'm an unwilling virgin)

Question 8:   Do you cut guys off before you get as far as sex?
Hell no! I like sex
Yes, as long as I don't have intercourse I am not a slut
Sometimes I have to cut myself off from masturbating said sex!
I am an evil's fun!

Question 9:   If you started going out with a guy who was a lot less experienced than you, would you have to lie about your sordid past?
No, I'd rub it in his face! Loser!
I doubt there's any guy with less experience than me
I don't like innocent guys, I like male sluts
I'm a player and proud of it!
I wouldn't lie, just leave out details and numbers

Question 10:   Do people call you a slut?
They're just jealous
Only when they are being ironic
I am and there's nothin' wrong with that, so #@$% off!
Only once, cause then I kill them
I'm pretty sure they are joking

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