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Is your relationship with your crush pure love, love-hate, or total hatred?

Question 1:   You walk into your classroom, and he's not there yet. You:
Check to see if he's there, and thank the Lord when he's not.
Check to see if he's there, and when he's not, you fix your hair and makeup and arrange yourself in your desk so at least you’re looking hot for when he does get there.
Check to see if he's there, and are totally disappointed when he's not.

Question 2:   You see him walk into the classroom. He:
Looks at you, then looks away when he sees that you saw him looking.
Looks at you, makes a face, swallows a tums, and sits down.
Smiles at you, and comes over to chat before class.

Question 3:   You are forced to work together on a home ec/shop project. He:
Bugs you when you mess up, and follows you everywhere you go until the class is over.
Asks the teacher for a different partner, and when that fails, tries to "accidentally" cut your finger off with the bandsaw.
Jokes with you the entire time while making a heart-shaped cupcake with your name on it.

Question 4:   You're walking by his locker as he is bending over to put some books in his backpack. You:
Run! How awful was that? Yeesh.
Check it out, then pretend you weren't checking it out.
Give his butt a pinch.

Question 5:   The two of you have been placed in a study group. Neither of you are huge on studying, and inevitably some sort of conversation is started. How does it go?
He doesn't talk to you, won't look at you, but he keeps edging his chair closer to the door.
He starts asking you about this guy "Adam" he's seen you talking to you and wants to know if you like Adam, do you like Adam more than him, and WHY DON'T YOU JUST FUCKING MARRY HIM ALREADY! *sob*
He teases you about something stupid you did a week ago.

Question 6:   Your friends think you:
Hate him, but are getting suspicious with all the sexual tension in the air.
Are probably going to propose to him any day now.
Probably already have a hole dug up in the middle of the woods with his name on it.

Question 7:   His friends think he:
Wants to do you.
Probably keeps that butterfly knife in his pocket only for you.
Would die if he spent more than an hour away from you.

Question 8:   Has he ever told you he hated you?
No, of course not!
Yes, it came out of nowhere and he even poked me in the shoulder as he said it.
Yes, he called it to me from the other side of the room.

Question 9:   Has he ever told you he loved you?
CONSTANTLY. Once he even wrote it in blood on a wall in the hallway.
No! And I don' him....either.....

Question 10:   Have you ever told him you hated him?
No, but I try to hit him with my car every day after school.
No! Why would I do that?
No, but I'm sure I've made it pretty clear.

Question 11:   Have you ever told him you loved him?
No.....because I....don't.......LEAVE ME ALONE
Of course! Everyday, every minute, every hour.

Question 12:   Have you ever caught him staring at you?
Yes, and he had his hand up his shirt while he was doing it, too.
No, he usually just talks to me.
Yeah, and he had the most sadistic grin....

Question 13:   Do you ever fantasize about him?
Yeah, but he was lying on the floor bleeding.
Yes, but it's usually a fantasy in which the two of you argue yourselves into a sexual frenzy.
All the time! Our wedding, our kids.....

Question 14:   Do you have nicknames for each other?
Yeah, really cute ones like Muffin and Poopsie.
Yeah. Dead meat.
His nickname for me is referring to something stupid I did 2 months ago and mine for him is referring to inanimate objects he reminds me of.

Question 15:   How often do you come into contact with each other? (ie talk, tease each other, etc)
Everyday, in and out of school.
Everytime we feel the need to torture someone.
Couple times a week.

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