Are you leading her on?
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Are you leading her on?

Have you ever noticed that all of the girls around you are attracted to you, even though you just want to be their friends? Answer this and find out why!

Question 1:   Do you call her just to chat?
If I have something important to say
If she asks me to call
If I am bored
Yeah she is fun to talk to
If there is nothing else to do

Question 2:   Do you pay for all of your activities?
If she would let me I would
If she asks to borrow money
Isn't that the right thing to do?
It depends
If she doesn't have money

Question 3:   How often do you two go out alone?
Not a lot.
If I am bored
If she asks me to go
All the time
We don't leave the house

Question 4:   Do people assume you are together?
If they are stupid
Not really
Most people think something is up
I don't know
If they are her friends

Question 5:   Do you hang out with other couples?
I don't think so.
Sometimes but not on purpose
If she wants to
yeah we are the only ones not together

Question 6:   What is here favorite color?
its "........."
How should I know?
Whatever she likes
I don't know

Question 7:   Has she ever driven your car?
Not that I know of
No, are you crazy
Yeah, every once in a while
Yeah, but I was in there with her
Yeah, b/c she asked

Question 8:   Has she met your parents?
Yeah but it wasn't formal
Yeah, I took her home with me to meet them
Yeah she wanted to meet them
I don't think so

Question 9:   Have you ever kissed/hugged/held hands?
Yeah, of course
Um.. I don't really care
Yeah but she expects it
Yeah but just held hands

Question 10:   Have you ever bought her a gift?
Yeah, that necklace she is always wearing
Yeah, she makes me buy her stuff
Yeah but it was a little something
Um... I don't remember!

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