How Do You Choose A Boy/Girlfriend?
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How Do You Choose A Boy/Girlfriend?

Some guys are womanizers who only like you for your appearance. Some girls only want a strong, cute guy. Are you someone who likes people for who they are, Or WHAT they are?

Question 1:   Do you like people who have the same interests as you?
I don't care what they like as long as it's me.
It's nice, but not a necessary.
Of course - - they have to.

Question 2:   Let's say someone you don't really know asks you out, but they are really cute and have a great body. Would you date them?
Yeah..that's all that matters anyway.
Maybe. It depends on how they look to me.
No..I have no idea who they are!

Question 3:   If you knew that your bf/gf only wanted you for a certain insignificant reason (such as money) would you stay with them anyway?
Yeah, because I feel the same way about them.
Absolutely - they're all I have.
No, that's just wrong.

Question 4:   Suppose a very unattractive person approaches you. They have a great personality, but they don't look how you would normally prefer. Would you date them?
No way.. it would mess up my reputation.
Absolutely not.. I want someone cute.
Yes - - image doesn't matter.

Question 5:   If someone you like has disgusting mannerisms (habits), what would you do?
Ignore it, and like them for their personality.
I would try to change them to be like me.
I would leave them.

Question 6:   The class nerd invites you to a great party, but their not really the popular type. Would you go?
No! what if someone sees me there?
Depends on who's going.
Sure, why not? The party should be fun.

Question 7:   Your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend reveals that they were cheating on you. How do you react?
I was, too!
Who cares? It was a one week thing.
Just another name in my little black book. No big deal.
That really hurts..but it's in the past.

Question 8:   Your bf/gf can't afford to buy you nice gifts. What do you do?
No big deal - - I love them for who they are.
No money? Goodbye!
That really sucks...
I wouldn't even date someone like that.. ever.

Question 9:   Your crush doesn't like you back. What do you do?
Run back to my ex.
Mourn for days.
Get over it.. it probably wasn't meant to be.

Question 10:   A social outcast really likes you, and they have a lot to offer. You would..
Ignore them.
Start walking faster.
Give them a chance.

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