Am I Being PLAYED? Quiz best for females

You deserve better if your partner is pretending to love you and to be true, but is really out for something else from you. Sometimes they just want sex. Sometimes they want a backup so they can be confident while looking for the one they really love. Sometimes they really do believe they love you, but don't even know what that means. Watch out, because you can be sucked in by someone if they're REALLY CONVINCING. This happened to me more than once, so I can help point out the signs to you. This test has questions meant only for females, so males could find it less useful.

  • 1
    Have they initiated everything (first kiss, first "I love you," first sexual experience)?
    Have they initiated everything (first kiss, first "I love you," first sexual experience)?
  • 2
    Have they ever made you choose between them and a good friend, whether directly or indirectly?
  • 3
    Have you ever caught them or heard about them looking at, flirting with, or doing even more with someone else?

  • 4
    Do they seem truly concerned when you are upset?
  • 5
    Do they guilt-trip you into anything, like make you feel bad for them, and cry and rant so they can walk all over you? If they are having a rough time, of course, as their partner, you should listen to and support them. But if it is excessive, they are using you as a crutch, or they use their difficulties to make you do things, then it's very unhealthy.
  • 6
    Have they ever physically or emotionally abused you?

  • 7
    Have they ever pressured you for sex?
  • 8
    Think about this really hard. When they are looking at you and smiling at you, are they smiling with their whole face, including their eyes, or just with their mouth?
  • 9
    Have you ever felt neglected by them?
  • 10
    Have they ever, randomly and out of the blue, bought expensive jewelry or other gifts for you that could be interpreted as being APOLOGY or GUILT gifts?

  • 11
    Have they ever threatened to break up with you if you didn't do what they wanted?
  • 12
    Have they ever tried to rationalize unfaithful behavior?
  • 13
    Do they talk too much about their past relationships, which makes you feel as if you are either insignificant, or are expected to fix them?
  • 14
    When they introduce you to their friends or family, do you ever feel like they are treating you as a TROPHY?
  • 15
    The fact that you took this quiz indicates a certain amount of worry about your relationship. Honestly, do you think that your boyfriend/girlfriend is insincere, a player, or is unfaithful in some way?

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7 days ago
Lol "I'll never leave you" shoulda she was jus w me till she found someone better never date a beth ityn
673 days ago
Hang.... ment to say hand...
673 days ago
It says its sincere, that he loves me, then why the 😘 did he dump me? 😘. Fursydcigdr7.... only now after the break up I thought/ realized that either I was being played or that his friends were sexualizing me. Like I'd yawn and his friends would hit him and go " ayo the way she opens her mouth tho" or if they saw me dressed up they'd assume it was for him and say things like " you trynna get in his pants or smt" ummm hello?! IM IN 😘 8TH GRADE! NO IM NOT TRYNNA GET 😘 LUCKY! He was also, I guess a good bf tho... like he'd ditch is friends for me and sit me me and my friends but yeah.. he dumped me over text.... so uhhh bro, kinda take that back ( he'd also say that I wasn't allowed to do certain things like;kiss my friends on the hang, or like dance around cause it would embarrass him:( like wot)
Pls help do you think he used me? Or am I just annoyed from the break up?
860 days ago
@Dance Hello! My crush/boyfriend(?) stopped communicating to me too! He hasn't texted me in 2 weeks, and I'm confused. Is everything patched up, now? I'm really sorry about that, it hurts :( I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I love him too much to break up with him, tbh. It'd hurt me too much... Anyone have advice for what to say or anything? -me :(
1301 days ago
I broke up with him now I like him and idk xx
1301 days ago
We broke up cus he stopped communicating to me now I love him still what do I doooo
2056 days ago
thank you so much this makes me feel really good about my relationship.