Should I Tell My Crush I Like Him? (Quiz for Girls)

You like him, you really and truly like him...but should you spill the beans to HIM? Have you thought about it, but are afraid how it will go if you actually do it? Advice is here - take my quiz! I hope it gives you the courage to go with your heart, whatever it tells you.

  • 1
    Do you two talk a lot?
  • 2
    How much do you know about him?
    How much do you know about him?
  • 3
    Do you think he likes you?

  • 4
    When he talks to you, he looks:
  • 5
    Do you ever snap back to reality after realizing you were daydreaming about him?
  • 6
    When you do talk to him, how do you feel?

  • 7
    Is he:
  • 8
    You drop your books. He:
  • 9
    How does he act around you?
  • 10
    If he got a girlfriend, you would:

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319 days ago
Please help!! IDK if he likes me and i wanna tell him i like him but I don't wanna make it awkward. should i write an anonymous note saying how much I love him he is SO HOT
432 days ago
Someone pls help me i don't know what to do! We talk every once in a while but I always see him staring at me and when I look back, he doesn't even look away! He just keeps staring. I feel like sometimes he's blushing except I can't exactly tell because of the mask.
437 days ago
IDK what to do! He stares at me in class sometimes but we rarely ever talk. Recently we played jeopardy in class (5th grade) and when I answered a few questions in a row correctly he was watching me closely! (I’m going to call him Wyatt but that’s not his real name) I told a story to my friends and he was watching me while I was talking to them, my friend saw him doing so and told me I tried to shrug it off though. Wyatt’s friends are sort of friends of mine, but not besties. Somebody help me, plzzzzzzz!!!!!!
451 days ago
I got a yes! Tell him! I.... I'm not sure I should confess to him! I'm really scared! Someone please help me.......
492 days ago
I have been friends with him...
And i got yes!
But i'm still scared...
One time my friend was teasing me and saying he likes you.
He got red as a tomato and was like, "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"
Whenever he gets shipped with me, he gets really mad...
I'm scared he does not like me...
But whenever he asks me my crush and says it it me,
I always say, "NO WHY?"
He always replies with
"Because you do :)"
With a big grin on his face-
497 days ago
I got the same result as Lara Alshamari
Th only SUPER annoying thing is that my friend has a crush on him.
so this is a brief explanation
There is this boy who is Super cute and he sat next to me in class.I gradually got a crush on him.Jst as i realised i liked him my BFF already spreaded the gossip that she liked him.What do i do. I can not tell anyone or my rep will be destoyed yet i still have a massive crush on him. like he is in my dream i need advive
545 days ago
I got YES! Tell him! Judging from your answers here, he probably likes you, so go get him! Chances are he won't go anywhere! Good luck, I really hope it works out. If you only chose your answers to get this advice and NOT because they were actually true, you're only cheating yourself. Take the quiz with the true answers and you'll get the best advice. I am on your side and would never want to steer you wrong.

So he did these nice things

He said he loves me
He said your cute everyday
562 days ago
Am I the only one with this I don't know how to say this, so I will just come right out: You probably shouldn't tell him. Sorry to say that, but he doesn't really seem to like you, and you would just be forcing your love on him. Not the best way to attract someone. You'll be happier in the long run turning your attention to someone else. I know it's hard to let go, especially if you've crushed for a while feel like you've made an investment in this guy. You can do it.
581 days ago
I got
YES! Tell him! Judging from your answers here, he probably likes you, so go get him! Chances are he won't go anywhere! Good luck, I really hope it works out. If you only chose your answers to get this advice and NOT because they were actually true, you're only cheating yourself. Take the quiz with the true answers and you'll get the best advice. I am on your side and would never want to steer you wrong.

I think he likes me but idk.
Here’s why I think he likes me:

• He smiles at me all the time
• He talks to me first MOST of the time
• He stares at me every time he goes past
• He takes to me though my window.
And one day I walked past him house and he opened the curtain and he didn’t have a shirt on and he didn’t move.

So pls help
604 days ago
I couldn't put my name in here because none of my friends know I like one knows I like him because it's way too embarrassing
604 days ago
Welp...I got yes... but I'm wayyyy too scared to tell him. It's just that we've been great friends all year and texting a lot during the summer, so I'm afraid if I tell him he'll be freaked out and won't want to be friends anymore if it turns out he doesn't like me. Also I only really see him at school so it's hard to get a private chat with him...his name is Emmanuel and he's super funny and cute 😍🤧😭
668 days ago
i got...yes but i don't think he likes me. should i tell him?i don't know his name is Noah and he is so cute
889 days ago
i got.. yes! but im stil unsure. i feel it in my gut that he likes me.. and i dream abt him ALL THE TIME. i just wish i knew for sure, because i barely know him! his sister who is one grade below me and him is my friend.. and i dont wanna make that awkward! i am afraid that i talk too much.. and when i feel like i have i just stutter and stop talking. what if i say too much?!?! i couldnt tell my first crush i liked him.. i had to get my friend to! and i liked him from 3rd grade to fifth grade.. and didnt tell him until fourth! im really confused... help me! i promise i gave honest answers... and i caught him looking at me once.. is it possible that he wonders about me as much as i wonder about him? idk.. and im gonna stop now. ive already said to much..
966 days ago
I have a huge crush and my answers said... HE LIKES ME! and that i should tell him! :)) Im gonna be nervous on this one, 😥
1010 days ago
Ahopeless girl- You shou ask him what his type is or if he lieks anyone. Also does he do anything that hints to the fact that he likes you?
1010 days ago
So i know a guy and i like him and have for a while. BUt he is one of my best friends and i,m scared that he will reject me and stop being my friend. Also if he rejects me it,ll be super embarissing for me. We have been friends for almost a year and I have liked him for a few months. I have wanted to tell him but i get to scared and nervous. He said he likes this girl in one of his classes so i don,t know if he likes me or not. We have each others numbers and text often and we facetime for an hour or two. I dont know if i should tell him that I like him. Please give me advice.
1020 days ago
It really helps in cooling down
1035 days ago
so hi am a hopeless gir between 16 & 19 and i had a long crush on a guy freind of mine ..we talk almost everyday on via txt and at school before i was transfered to homeschooling we would sometimes hang out during school and after school ...but he then found out i liked him and well kindly rejected me...but i still have a crush on him which i feel very stupid for because if he rejected me then i should get over him right??? like thats the whole point. but im not and this test told me to tell him but if i tell him .....then i feel like im gonna mess up our whole friendship ......

is it even possible that he's feeling could change about me and that he might like me or im a realllyy hopeless and dumb......

like he asked me before if i was in a relationship
how many relationships ive had
what im looking in a guy and i answerd him and he was like know wonder u liked me and honestly that was embarrising for me
when we would have convos we would sometimes talk all the way to 3am

one time i asked him if there should be a limit to me talkig to him because ik guys dont always like to be bothered and like to play games but he repiled no i actually enjoy you texting me ..i was happy bout that but at the same time i wasnt i dont know why really...

he comments that i need a boyfreind one that will love me and give me attention but say nun else maybe hes just a really good guy friend looking out for me or just giving me a hint that he wants to be with me but im to chicken to tell him so i rather not.......i dont know what to do ..

im really lost it would mean alot if you fuys could help me out and comment back or reply on what i should do
i know its a lot to take in but i just dont know what to do
should i give up and just be satisfied being he friend or just go for it
and hes a pisces by the way......comment back pleassee
thanks byeee:))
1058 days ago
I’m not telling him. Idk why I even took this test! Now with the corona virus and stuff I can only private message him in zooms and google hangout (which I already do) anyway, so I’ll wait until that trip our Ms/Hs WILL be taking to the ocean after thins is over. He can tell me...
1127 days ago
Omg, it said I should tell him! But I don't know how and I'm so nervous! I dont know way to do! Ack!