Should You Get A Boyfriend?

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  • 1
    First off, do you like being single?
  • 2
    Do you like anyone right now?
  • 3
    What do you hope to accomplish MOST in the next 10 years?

  • 4
    Which is more important to you: Friends or Boyfriends?
  • 5
    Are you good at relationships?
  • 6
    What do you think of Romantic Movies?

  • 7
    How old are you?
  • 8
    Which kind of music is more you?
  • 9
    Do you think guys like you?
  • 10
    Lastly, do YOU think you need a boyfriend?

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99 days ago
This is correct. I do NEED a man. I have a MAJOR crush and ive had it on the same person for THREE (3) YEARS and I just found out that be likes me too as more than friends cause I took an allthetests (doea he l8ke me as more that a friend). But the thing is I'm afraid of getting my heart broken. So what do I do? If alot of you say go ask him out well I'm planing on ask I g for his number than see how that goes to ask him out. Jsyk (Just so you know).
99 days ago
For 70% you are: You NEED a man! You know it, too! You desperately want to be in a relationship. Overall, the single life is NOT for you and you would feel much more content with a man to love you through thick and thin. Go get him, Hun. GO GET HIM
113 days ago
No clue?
124 days ago
I don't know really like there's a phase where I want a boyfriend and some other day I just want to be on my own and find couples annoying lol? so, its just totally messed up and also mood xD
Overally I'm good and cheers to all thesingle girls ;D
149 days ago
I'm just waiting for a boy to take this quiz to be funny and him like fr I'm lonelyyyyy😑😭
327 days ago
Wow I should get a boy
370 days ago
People say I’m pretty and everything and there’s guys at school who like me I just don’t really like any of them back there’s only one guy I like Andy he rejected but me and any of the other guys I think are cute I’m to lazy to pursue lol
557 days ago
I’ve never have a boyfriend that I would see in real life and that’s because all the guys that I do see have said this to my face “you ugly af.” And for a little while I believed them, but my friends were always there for me and would always tell me how pretty I am. So I guess the point is don’t listen to what other people say about you!
601 days ago
636 days ago
Also crush on 3 boys at the same time who do I like more!
636 days ago
I am a complete mix.
649 days ago
Love being single because I will be single my whole life does not bother me.
692 days ago
im in love with 3 guys and dated all of them but i feel lost without eithier of them i need help
692 days ago
wowwwww this is sooooo true its not evenn funny!!!!
708 days ago
No I don't need one that's ok.
753 days ago
Hey y’all it said that I need a man. Man man
835 days ago
I had a (huge) crush in 2nd grade (and still do I think about him almost every day and now im in 4th) but i moved in 3rd. 2 crushes for the last 3 months in 3rd grade. 2-4 crushes in 4th now. I NEED SOMEONE!
870 days ago
Damian was such a cutie too! He always laughed at my corny jokes and he had such a cute smile. I just want to cry! :( WORST DAY EVER!!!! :(
870 days ago
I just found out that my crush already has a girlfreind!:( Shes mean! Plus, my so-called FRIENDS lied to me that my crush likes me but no, he loves a girl named BREANNA! :(
870 days ago
I feel you! I like this guy but no one understands me like nobody!